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Workin' The Legs

Over at Lexie's SLAMmin' Ladies, a batch of new SLAMpeg matches have just been made available for immediate download. One of the more interesting battles takes place between two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls...tough Sara del Rey and long-legged Krissy Vaine, a.k.a. Kristin Astara. So why did we specifically make note of Krissy's gorgeous legs? Well, mainly because Sara took note of them. As in stretching, bending and twisting the sexy limbs to their absolute limit! Today's pair of pics show just some of the leg torture del Rey heaped upon the bedazzled blonde. Click here to see more details of the match and watch some video highlights of the ladies in action. Like what you see? You can purchase the entire match for a mere ten bucks!


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