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Look Out Beloooooow...

Whenever the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls meet to do battle for Lexie Fyfe's SLAMmin' Ladies, an extra dose of intensity seems to permeate the SL ring. Take this international match between Southern beauty Amber O'Neal and Canadian blonde Jennifer Blake, for example. Amber is ready to do some damage...real damage...to Blake's left arm with a high impact leg drop to the elbow and bicep [above]. While "Girl Dynamite" is begging O'Neal to show some mercy in her attack, it won't help. Gravity is in control now and no amount of begging is going to alter the outcome of this maneuver! Even ref Lexie can do nothing but watch what is sure to be a painful blow for Blake.

But that was only some of what Amber had in store for her rival to the north. Blows to the upper-back...as well as a nasty backbreaker/face claw combo...also took their toll on Ms. Blake [Picture #2].

This entire match is available as a SLAMpeg download over on the SLAMminLadies.com site. And you know what? You can even preview some of the action for free! Click here to see some of the highlights of this Amber O'Neal/Jennifer Blake SL match right now. Like what you see? Why not purchase the entire match? You can see more details and download from this section of the SL site (SLAMpeg 345 is near the bottom of the page).

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