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The Tide Turns...

Today we bring you the conclusion yesterday's POD...a match from last weekend's DCW event featuring XTC against Lorelei Lee. The fight between newcomer and experience was being won handily yesterday by the vicious rookie XTC, who punched, choked and hairpulled her way to a dominant position. But XTC showed her inexperience when she chose to continue working over her opponent rather than pin her.

As you can see here, Lorelei did finally gain the advantage in this match. And when she did, she went on a punishment spree that had her inexperienced foe screaming in agony. Take this seated surfboard, for example. Notice how Lee drives that knee right into her victim's spine to increase the pain her hold produces.

Wrestlin' Wally

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Now well in control, Lorelei Lee schools XTC on what experience is all about. The blonde doesn't allow the rookie a chance to recover or rally back as she keeps on the attack...flattening her aqua-clad opponent into the mat with this perfectly executed bulldog.

Wrestlin' Wally

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Face Plant!

And the assault continues! Lee's experience in the ring continues as she keeps up the attack. No posing for the crowd. No playing to the ringside fans. No showing off to massage her own ego. The country girl simply does what needs to be done to defeat her opponent. And in this case, what Lorelei feels she needs to do is plant XTC face-first into the mat with this crunching face-buster. OUCH!

Wrestlin' Wally

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A Learning Experience For XTC

After being stretched, bulldogged and face smashed, XTC was ripe for the pin...and that's exactly what Lorelei Lee did as she covered the shoulders of the stunned rookie and hooked the leg. Even after taking a vicious beating for much of the match, Lee hung in, fought back and came away with the win.

Although XTC took the loss this time, she may have learned a lesson that could be very helpful for the rest of her career: when you've got your opponent on the ropes and have the advantage during the match, don't show off or waste time show boating...PIN THEM!

Wrestlin' Wally

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