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Newcomer Faces Experience: XTC vs. Lorelei Lee

Last weekend found DCW in Commodore, Pennsylvania hosting a battle of newcomer vs. experience as manager-turned-wrestler XTC stepped into the ring against seasoned indy star Lorelei Lee. The pertinent facts: XTC's wrestling career can be counted in months rather than years, while Lee has been taking on the top ladies of the indy circuit for close to four years now. Logic tells us that Lee should have an easy time with the rookie.

Not so.

Wrestlin' Wally was ringside to bring us the amazing action, snapping away as XTC showed no fear by lighting into her more experienced foe at the opening bell. The surprisingly vicious attack backed Lorelei against the turnbuckles where she absorbed a series of skull-rattling punches to the side of the head. Rookies aren't supposed to be this vicious, are they?

Wrestlin' Wally

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Choking Away The Experience

The fists to the head were only the beginning of XTC's stunningly brutal assault. Weakened from those punches, Lee slumped to the mat and tried to regain her composure. It didn't happen though, as XTC planted a boot into her throat in an attempt to choke the experience out of the country girl. Lorelei arches up from the mat to try and ease the pain...but we're not so certain that she was all that successful.

Wrestlin' Wally

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Using The Ropes

Well in control, XTC seemed as though she was interested more in punishing her opponent than going for a quick and decisive victory. Dragging Lorelei to the ropes, the Pittsburgh-based wrestler proceeded to once again go for the choke...this time getting an assist from the top ring rope in her attempt to crush the honey-blonde's windpipe. How vicious was XTC? Just take a look at that expression on her face. She looks almost maniacal as she tortures her foe. Oh...and the fact that she adds to the torment by digging her talons into Lorelei's scalp is another tip-off to how brutal this newcomer is.

Wrestlin' Wally

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Take That!

As Lorelei's beating continued, it became apparent that her blue-suited attacker cared less and less about the rules (or winning) and more about proving her superiority. With Lee already battered badly...and perhaps ripe for a pin...XTC passed on putting the shoulders to the mat and simply straddled her opponent to apply this basic (but very effective!) two-handed choke. As much as Lorelei struggles to dislodge those dangerous hands, she can't seem to loosen the grip of the determined rookie.

Wrestlin' Wally

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Showing Off Her Prize?

Well in control of the match, it's obvious to us that XTC is out to prove something...to both Lorelei Lee and the fans in attendance. Two handfuls of hair have the country girl squealing in pain as she's yanked backwards. Meanwhile, XTC appears to be letting out a triumphant yell as she displays her trophy to the crowd: the well-beaten and battered body of her more-experienced opponent.

But sometimes rookies get a little carried away in the ring and count their chickens (victories) before they hatch (the bell rings). More from this match tomorrow...

Wrestlin' Wally

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