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(Wrestling) Chick Magnet?

What is it about Brian Reese? Somehow, this guy has managed to become friends with many of the top women on today's indy wrestling scene...including the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls that you see him pictured with today. Above, he cozies up to Brittney Savage. Below, it's smiles all around with Amber O'Neal and Josie (a.k.a. Lady JoJo). How does he do it? Is he driving a smoove car? Maybe it's a brand of killer after-shave that the ladies just can't resist. Come on...tells us your secret, Brian!

Actually, we're just having a little fun at Brian's expense. We know why he's so popular with the ladies. He's always polite. He takes great ringside action and promo pictures of the ladies. He shares his work with them to post on their sites and Facebook pages. He tirelessly promotes them (and the indy wrestling business as a whole) relentlessly. How can you not like a guy like that?

Lots more pictures of your favorite indy girls over at Brian Reese's Facebook page. Why not head over there now and friend him?

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