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What's Wrong, Nikki?

Stiffshots Photographer Robert Payes captured this close-up of G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Nikki Roxx as she competed at this past weekend's WSU event in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. From the look on the indy/TNA star's face, we're guessing that she's in more than a little pain right now. But why?

Robert Payes/Stiffshots Photography

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Ohhhh...Never Mind!

As Emily Litella would say: "Ohhhh...never mind."

When Payes pulls back and takes a wider angle shot of the action, our question is easily answered. Who wouldn't have a pained look on their face in this situation? With Cindy Rogers scissoring and wrenching her arms and Alexa Thatcher folding the legs in the early stages of a boston crab, it's no wonder that Nikki is crying in agony!

Robert Payes/Stiffshots Photography

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