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Alere's NJ.com Troubles

The Women Superstars Uncensored 3rd Anniversary Show held on March 6th was not only followed by many reporters and photographers in the wrestling community, but it was also covered by many mainstream media outlets. One of those was NJ.com, a site which covers New Jersey news, community, sports and more. Richard McCormack snapped some photos of the event, including pics of the Alere Little Feather/Cindy Rogers battle. It was an "off night" for the Native American G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, unfortunately, as she found herself being battered and abused by the ultra-aggressive Rogers. But we urge Mr. McCormack to attend the next WSU event with camera in tow...because one thing we're sure of is that you can't keep ALF down for long!

Richard J. McCormack

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Richard J. McCormack

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