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Meet Pegaboo...

Is G.L.O.R.Y. Girl LuFisto losing it? We're thinking she may be. Take a look at who...er...what...she's been bringing to the ring lately. This little doll has a name: Pegaboo. We don't know if LuFisto is becoming delusional, using Pegaboo as a crutch to help her get through her matches or maybe--just maybe--playing mind games with her opponents and throwing them off their mark before the bell rings. So is Pegaboo a sign that LuFisto is losing control of her wrestling career (and her mind)? Or is this little blonde doll a brilliant stroke of genius that LuFi is using to psych-out the opposition? We guess only LuFisto knows for sure.

But one thing is certain. LuFisto is as brutal, nasty and high-risk as she's ever been in the ring. Take a look at how she assaulted fellow G.L.O.R.Y. wrestler Danyah during this 2009 match. A crunching flip/splash against the corner turnbuckles knocked most of the wind out of Danyah's body. And then what little air was left, LuFi tried to get rid of by choking Danyah over the steep barricade.

A tough night for Danyah vs. LuFisto and Pegaboo!

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