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A Rocky Start To Matrimony?

A G.L.O.R.Y. fan recently inquired as to the whereabouts of Scarlett Rose. The Midwest-based wrestler had throttled back on her matches for much of 2009. Why? Well, one big reason was that Scarlett spent more than a little time planning her wedding!

That's right, guys. Sorry to inform you that Scarlett is no longer an eligible bachelorette after saying "I DO" back in mid-December. But don't lose hope, Scarlett fans. Scroll down a little to see a few more pictures from the wedding reception. Seems that there's more than a little tension between these newlyweds. A threat from Scarlett to send a punch right to the kisser of her new husband is answered with a tight sleeperhold applied to the lady in white. And then it looks like an outright brawl broke out between the newly-married couple during the cake cutting ceremony!

We are, of course, just kidding...as were Scarlett and her husband when these pictures were snapped. As much as our single, male G.L.O.R.Y. fans are disappointed to see Ms. Rose leave the ranks of the "available", we're sure that every one of them (and all G.L.O.R.Y. fans) wish Scarlett and her spouse a long and happy marriage.

Congratulations, Scarlett Rose!

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