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Camron Star: Shops And Chops

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Camron Star, like most of the rest of us, has been hitting the stores over the past couple of weeks to do some holiday shopping. Of course, that means a stop at one of Ms. Star's favorite restaurants: Chop's, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Where else would you expect a professional wrestler to eat?! That's a bundled up Camron on the left along with fellow wrestler and diner Destinee Blade.

And just in case one of the wait staff of Chops is reading this, we offer the pictures below to convince them that they should be on their best behavior while serving Star. Whoa to the poor waiter who spills some coffee on The Awesome One's shirt. They may soon find their windpipe in peril. The waitress who serves Ms. Star a well-done steak rather than the medium-rare that she requests? Get a head start out the door before Camron's trademark baseball bat makes an appearance!

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