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Haley Rogers vs. PJ Tyler: Skinning The Cat!

Today's POD comes to us courtesy of The Id Family: Mrs. Id on the camera and Gordo with the run down of the action. Thanks, Ids!

Rookie PJ Tyler has been burning up the Ontario Indy rankings since her debut earlier this year. Fearless, determined and, as many are finding out, very talented. Still, there are those among the established Canadian stars who have little regard for PJ's accomplishments thus far. One such competitor is G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, Haley Rogers (a.k.a. Cat Power).

Cat has long had a successful career both in Canada and the U.S. A former PWX champion who recently debuted in a big way in SHIMMER, Cat is not only one of the biggest and most powerful women wrestlers; she is also one of the most fierce in defending her spot among Ontario Wrestling's Indy Elite.

PJ Tyler has been targeting established stars across the province...fans and media are beginning to heap accolades upon the young up and comer. Some have even called her the best new rookie to come out of the fabled Can-Am training academy in Windsor in years.

Cat Power is also a Can-Am graduate and has long held the belief that she was the best woman athlete that school ever produced. She has worked long and hard to reach the upper echelons of the Canadian scene and many a woman has felt the powerful sting of her wrath in the ring as she clawed her way to the top.

Two Can-Am graduates...two women consumed by their desires: PJ Tyler, to break into that small group of recognized top stars and Cat Power, to remain there. It was inevitable that they would meet in the squared circle.

Friday, September 12th, 2008. Oshawa, Ontario. Great Canadian Wrestling. Cat Power vs. PJ Tyler.

From the moment she entered the ring, PJ was pure intensity. Cat was on the defensive almost immediately as PJ locked her in a headlock. Cat was able to back into the corner to force a break and then claimed PJ was pulling her hair. When the second collar-elbow produced the same result, Cat once again claimed PJ was cheating even though the fans and the referee could clearly see she wasn't.

Angered, Cat slapped PJ viciously across the face and the rookie responded with a face-slap of her own...then tore Cat's top off and pummeled her with knife-edge chops. Cat fled outside the ring to regroup but PJ was relentless. She flipped Power back inside and once again wrenched on a headlock that had Cat screaming in agony.

Cat managed to turn out of the hold and whipped PJ into the ropes before almost taking her head off with a clothesline. PJ managed to kick out but was powerless to prevent Cat from raining heavy forearm blows down on her back and neck. Fans cringed at the severity of the beating and many began to think the young rookie had taken on more than she could handle.

Cat continued to brutalize PJ, choking her in the ropes and delivering a heavy suplex for another near fall before locking on a leg submission. PJ fought against the pain and, as Cat screamed at her to "Tap out!", struggled to make the ropes. Fans began to rally behind her as they realized there was no quit in PJ Tyler.

PJ reached the ropes and Cat was forced to release the hold but kept up her attack with a leg choke on the ropes and a big side slam which brought her another two-count. The beating continued as Cat unleashed more and more of her arsenal to punish the young rookie. Fans have seen Cat seize control like this in many matches and, while it was admirable (and amazing) that PJ was still attempting to fight back, few in attendance believed she could withstand much more.

When Cat hoisted a weakened PJ up onto the top turnbuckle in preparation for her Inverted Scratching Post (a handstand on the bottom ropes into an ankle-scissor flip off the top) it appeared the end was certain...Cat Power was going to crush the body and the dreams of another young hopeful.

To everyone's surprise (but especially Cat's) PJ was waiting for this move to come! When Cat went into the opening handstand PJ suddenly came to life. She flipped Cat's legs back down and, snarling in rage, drove her boot hard into Cat's spine. Cat was driven face first into the canvas by the force of the blow. When Cat regained her feet, PJ launched herself from the top with a beautiful crossbody and scored the pin!

In the upset of the year, Ontario's hottest new rookie had pinned the feared and respected Cat Power...and she used a veteran's trick to do it! PJ skinned the Cat by playing possum!!!

A review of the whole show and the rest of Mrs Id's photos will be posted on OWIE.ca soon.

Mrs. Id

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