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Wrestlin' Wally: Print Journalist!

Well, La-Dee-Dah! Look at Wrestlin' Wally. He's no longer simply providing some of the sports world's best wrestling action photography for us Web fans. Now Wally is getting noticed by the print media. Take a look at the lower-left corner of Page 56 in the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. That's Wally getting the photo credit for that great shot of Sara del Rey in SHIMMER action.

But now what? Is Wally going to forsake his Web roots and G.L.O.R.Y. fans...concentrating only on capturing photographs of action that he might be able to sell to PWI, WWE Magazine or the New York Times? Maybe Wally is going to trade-in that beater that he usually drives to different shows across the country for a high-falutin' Lexus sedan. No more khakis and short-sleeved shirts at ringside now, right Wally? Strictly Brooks Brothers' stuff, huh? Oh, I see...so now a large Dunkin' Donuts with cream and two sugars isn't good enough for your sensitive taste buds. You can only drink medium Starbucks' double-mocha lattes with the cream frothed for exactly 7.4 seconds! It's all crystal clear now, Wally. Can't make it to the next wrestling show because you have a scheduling conflict? Ohhhhh...that polo match that Conde Naste hired you to shoot is more important! Okay, go ahead. Just throw your old friends overboard now that you're famous and climbing to the top of the photography world. See if we care!!!


Congratulations! [wink]

Wrestlin' Wally