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J. Love: Now And Then

This weekend marks the return of J. Love...the alter-ego of long-time G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Valentina. East Coast fans remember when J. Love debuted a few years ago. The vixen in the fuzzy pink bikini top wowwed the male fans as she made her way to the ring. (And who could blame them? Look at that sexy figure!) Unfortunately, J. Love took the microphone and proceeded to sing. Ay-Carumba! Talk about torturing the fans! How could a lady who looks so good sound SOOOOOO BAD?!

But that was then and this is now. The white-bikinied J. Love that you see above (and below) has been living on the West Coast. We don't have to tell you about this lady's figure...it's obviously as incredible as ever. But has her singing improved???

Cali fans will find out this weekend when J. Love makes her return to the ring at XPW's Cold Day In Hell event at Aviation Park in Redondo Beach. We're hoping that Ms. Love has taken some vocal lessons since her East Coast singing tour. If she hasn't, make sure you have your ear plugs ready!

Hit the XPW link below for details on Saturday's event...

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