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Awesome Canadian Action!

Three of our most-popular Canadian G.L.O.R.Y. Girls--Danyah, LuFisto and Cherry Bomb--found themselves in triple threat action for Canadian Wrestling Revolution this past Sunday. The ladies were fighting it out to determine who would be the #1 Contender for the CWR Women's Championship. And, lucky for us, Gordo was there to report on what happened...

The next match was AWESOME! The Ontario return of Cherry Bomb! She's been out of action forever and had numerous "returns" vanish under show cancellations so it was pretty cool to see her in action. With Danyah and LuFisto also in the match it promised to be fantastic and it was on all levels. Just buy the freakin dvd!

Some comedy at the start saw Cherry and LuFisto keeping Danyah on the outside while they traded holds inside. Their exchange brought the first "This is awesome" chant of the show.

Danyah returned to the ring and delivered a wicked kick to LuFisto's face that sent the "hardcore anime Superhero" tumbling to the outside where she made some mark's day by sitting on his lap. (No doubt he went home and made a piñata.)

Cherry and Danyah tore it up inside for a couple minutes until LuFisto returned to break up Danyah's bridged pin attempt with a vicious belly chop. (And then sold her stinging hand because Danyah's abs are so hard--insert your own "hard" joke here...I have too much respect for the ladies for that.)

Danyah rocked Cherry with her running-on-the-spot chest stomps...Cherry delivered running clotheslines to both opponents...LuFisto and Danyah worked together to pound Cherry but argued over who got to pin her which gave Cherry the chance to drive LuFisto's head into Danyah's stomach (More funny selling--those abs are dangerous!)...LuFisto destroyed Cherry with head butts and her running knee/facewash combo in the corner...Danyah clotheslined LuFisto and nailed Cherry with her Thigh Master legdrop but but LuFisto kicked her in the head to break up the pin...LuFisto grabbed Danyah and planted her with the Emerald Fusion to score the win.

WOW! Did I say buy the dvd? This match was fantastic. Too bad Turnip was the ref. Why does he always get the women's matches?

Emanuel Melo

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Emanuel Melo

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Emanuel Melo

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Emanuel Melo

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