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Women's J-Cup Match: Becky Bayless vs. Dawn Marie

Robert Payes was a busy photographer this past weekend. The last couple of days we've seen his shots from the WSU King & Queen Of The Ring Tournament. Today, he brings us some action from Saturday's NWS/WSU Women's J-Cup Tournament held in Neptune, New Jersey. And what action it was as G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Becky Bayless took on former-WWE Superstar Dawn Marie...who had Sunny (another ex-WWE'er) in her corner, no less.

Dawn Marie definitely had it in for Becky. Here, with a handful of hair, Dawn bounces Becky's face off the ring mat while also peppering the back of her skull with that pounding right fist.

Robert Payes/Stiff Shots Photography

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Notice Something Missing?

Go ahead and study the picture above. Now go back and take a look the first POD of the day once again. Notice something missing? If you have a sharp eye, you'll notice that leopard print belt that Dawn had wrapped around her pretty waist is missing...but it's not lost. The problem for Becky is that the belt is now wrapped around her neck! Bayless fights for her life as she struggles to pry the fabric from around her throat while trying desperately to take in some air. Meanwhile, Dawn Marie pulls back on that belt choke with all her might in an attempt to do as much damage as possible to Becky. Although we can't see it in this shot, Sunny is standing at ringside cheering Dawn Marie on and urging her to finish off their brunette nemesis.

Robert Payes/Stiff Shots Photography

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Losing The Battle...Winning The War

There's no getting around it. Becky Bayless lost this match badly. In fact, she's lucky that she survived at all! But if there was any good news for the sexy G.L.O.R.Y. grappler after this fight, at least was declared the winner of the match after the referee disqualified Dawn Marie for not releasing the brutal belt choke after numerous warnings. Looks like the referee took his time making that DQ. Here, he checks on Becky after chasing Dawn Marie from the ring. As you can see, Bayless is still trying to recover from the violent choking onslaught she endured. She's gotta be thinking: "Ref...what the heck took you so long?!"

Robert Payes/Stiff Shots Photography

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