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Differing Techniques

Yesterday we saw plenty of posturing and attempted intimidation by G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Portia Perez as she prepared to take on former WWE Women's Champ Jazz in singles competition for ICWA in Puckett, Mississippi last weekend. Today, we show you some of what happened once the bell sounded.

As you can see here, it didn't start off well for Portia. All that pre-match attitude didn't mean a thing as Jazz forced her to the mat and went to work. The veteran took Perez to school...tying the youngster up into knots with intricate and limb-stretching holds such as the one you see above.

Brian Reese

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Portia Fights Back!

It became obvious pretty quickly that Portia wouldn't be able to match Jazz hold-for-hold on a technical basis. So Perez did the next best thing: she cheated! As you can see here, there is nothing really technical at all in what the Canadian is dishing out: two hands to the throat is pretty basic. Effective, yes...but not quite a wrestling move that you have to practice very much to perfect. But even though the rule-breaking technique gave Portia the advantage for a little while, it came back to haunt her in the long run. Even in this shot you can see that Jazz is ready to fight fire with fire as her hands prepare to grip her attacker's neck. Portia Perez quickly found out that when the gloves come off and the rulebook gets thrown out the window, you don't want the person standing across from you in the ring to be named "Jazz"!

Brian Reese

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