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Where's That Smile?

Remember yesterday when we showed you Ferrari as she entered the ring for a match against Canadian foe and fellow G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Danyah? The smiling schoolgirl took the battle right to the blonde, seemingly enjoying herself as she caused Danyah to scream in pain while working over her spine and legs.

But when the tide of the battle changed, Ferrari's smile quickly disappeared. Here, Danyah has just finished whipping the schoolgirl into the corner turnbuckles. The Canadian quickly follows her in, leaving her feet to connect with this high, flying dropkick. How high? Well, at this point in her leap, Danyah is still on an upward trajectory on her way to planting two boots flush into Ferrari's once-smiling face!

Wrestlin' Wally

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Replaced With A Boot Print

The schoolgirl's smile is gone now, replaced with an imprint of the treads of her opponent's thick black boots! The blow snaps Ferrari's head back hard and sends her sprawling to the mat...in fact, it looks like she almost beats Danyah down to the canvas. We suspect that this is one of those times that Ferrari wishes she had stuck strictly to managing.

But wait. This crafty schoolgirl has a secret weapon on hand...

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Ferrari's Secret Weapon: Big Marc Mandrake

When things turned against her, Ferrari got help from her ringside helper husband manager henchman, big Marc Mandrake. And it is, to say the least, a disgusting display from the pair!

Just take a look at Mandrake as he chokes Danyah over that middle ring rope. He's a big guy...and he's using all that weight to bear down on Danyah's throat. Just look at how all that pressure on Danyah's windpipe is bending the ring rope into a V-shape. And where is Ferrari during all this? Why, she's distracting the referee, of course! We don't know who is more sadistic: Mandrake...for the choke he's putting on Danyah, or his "lovely" wife for enabling him to do his dirty work!

Wrestlin' Wally

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What A Mug!

You couldn't see Mandrake's face in that last shot while he was punishing Danyah...a girl who is probably only about a third his size. But we wanted you to see his face so that you would know who Ferrari's opponents have to contend with during her matches. Just look him. How could any girl have a fair shot in a match when this guy is hanging around the ring, ready to interfere with a cheap shot or dirty tactic whenever the ref's back is turned? She can't!

Our advice to the other G.L.O.R.Y. Girls out there: if you're scheduled to face Ferrari in a match, be aware of the whereabouts of Marc Mandrake. Taking on Ferrari is hard enough. Taking on Ferrari and her manager-husband is nearly impossible!

While we certainly don't approve of the tactics of this violent pair, we do approve of their joint website. You can visit it at: www.MarcMandrake.com. You'll find bios, lots more pictures and a brand new store featuring 8x10s (Ferrari topless?!) and videos. Check it out!

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