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Fox & Portia Get W.I.L.D.

G.L.O.R.Y. Girls 21st Century Fox and Portia Perez faced-off in the first round of GCW's recent 2007 W.I.L.D. Tournament up in Canada. As expected, the fight between these two beauties was one of the highlights of the tourney.

Words were exchanged between the two rivals at the start of this battle. Portia proudly proclaimed that she had much more international exposure than her opponent. The comment didn't impress The Fox. "I've wrestled the world's best...but I make them come to me!" she responded before the fists started flying.

Early in the match, The Fox gained the advantage as she captured Portia in this tight side headlock. The look on Perez's face tells you all you need to know about how effective the hold was!

Mrs. Id

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Portia Takes The Low Road

Portia resorted to using the ring ropes and interference from her "apprentice", Mercy, to turn the match to her favor. Here Perez chokes The Fox over the middle ring rope while looking for help from her sidekick. After the ref backed Portia off of this illegal tactic, Mercy grabbed the hair and continued to choke out the weakened Fox for the benefit of her mentor. But even in victory Portia cheated as she grabbed the ropes while putting the final pin on her opponent.

Mrs Id