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A G.L.O.R.Y. Holiday?

It's July 26th! To other people today is probably just another day. But at G.L.O.R.Y., July 26th has become an annual holiday...because it's Luxurious Lynne's birthday!

It's a day that we remember each and every year. And why? Because Lynne and her fans won't let us forget! On January 26th, Barry Ace posts messages on the G.L.O.R.Y. board that Lynne's birthday is "only" six months away. Tomorrow, before she's even finished opening up all the presents she receives today, the Luxurious One will be reminding us that there are only 364 days until her NEXT BIRTHDAY!

Robert Payes/Stiff Shots

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Remember The Sparkles!

If, by some impossible set of circumstances, you've forgotten that today is Lynne's birthday (have you been locked in a Mongolian prison for the past year?!)...there's still time to send her a present. FedEx her a gold bracelet. Send a new dress by courier...something that she can wear at ringside. Personally deliver a big bouquet of flowers with a shimmery, sparkly ribbon. Whatever you do...REMEMBER THE SPARKLES! The sparkles, in fact, are the most important part of the gift. If you're stuck on what to get Lynne for her birthday...just go to the nearest art supply store and get her a package of sparkles and send her that. She'll be happy!

Robert Payes/Stiff Shots

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