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Everybody Salsa!

It looks like G.L.O.R.Y Girl Stephanie Roberts was having tons of fun at last week's EGW event in Summit Hill, Pennsylvania. On her way back to the stage after introducing the opponents for the upcoming match, "The Puerto Rican Prodigy" Chrono Chris decided he would like to SALSA! Of course, when it comes to dancing...Stephanie Roberts is always a willing dance partner!

Snyder Photography

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Wait A Minute...This Doesn't Look Like A Salsa!

Apparently, Chrono Chris was so happy about steppin' out with Stephanie that he tracked her down later during intermission in an attempt to secure another dance. But we've never seen THIS move during a salsa!

You can check out Stephanie's schedule on her MySpace page at: www.MySpace.com/StephsDreamWorld.

Snyder Photography

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