G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Video Of The Week Archive

April 2012

  • April 27, 2012: Good-bye

    Friends, it has been a real blast bringing the Video of the Week to everybody. I have tried to bring as many G.L.O.R.Y. Girls in wrestling matches. Today we come to the end of the journey with this Three way dance, with Tina San Antonio, Chrissy Johnson, and Sienna DuVall for the DWF/Loco Women's Championship. I chose this match because it is the first championship for the Lady, I believe is the future of the sport. I believe Sienna has what it takes to be on TV every week, and why I chose her to be the first L.O.U.I.S. WRESTLING STAR. Watch at the end of the match when she gives a devastating Somoan Drop. Along with Sienna, G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Chrissy Johnson is another L.O.U.I.S WRESTLING STAR, and hopefully in the near future we will also have Tina San Antonio as a STAR. I leave with no ill feelings, as this has been one of the best things in my life, and I have decided to give the STARS on my site, my complete attention. I thank everybody for accepting me, and hope to see everybody soon. Have a great day.

  • April 20, 2012: USWO 4/14/12-Miss Rachel vs Convict

    G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Girl, L.O.U.I.S. WRESTLING STAR, and First lady of USWO takes on the Convict in intergender action, in two matches instead of one.

  • April 13, 2012: ACW: 'Calm Like a Bomb' Pandora w/ Wicked Nemesis vs Aisha Sunshine

    It is G.L.O.R.Y. Girl and L.O.U.I.S. WRESTLING STAR Pandora taking on Aisha Sunshine.

  • April 06, 2012: MaxPro North: Courtney Rush vs Xandra Bale

    Here is 1/2 of the SHIMMER tag team champions Courtney Rush taking on Xandra Bale.

March 2012

February 2012

  • February 24, 2012: WCCW Amazing Maria vs. Mickie Knuckles

    It has been awhile since we have seen G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Mickie Knuckles in action, so we go to Wilc Cat Championship Wrestling to watch her take on Amazing Maria.

  • February 17, 2012: Kacee Carlisle vs Jennifer Blaze

    G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Kacee Carlisle has her eyes set on capturing gold as she takes on the BWF Woman's Champion Jennifer Blaze.

  • February 10, 2012: Ashley Lane vs Hailey Hatred

    It is the battle of G.L.O.R.Y. Girls as Ashley Lane takes on Hailey Hatred.

  • February 03, 2012: EMPIRE: Pandora vs Nina Monet

    It is time for some EMPIRE action as Nina Monet with Marko Polo takes on the toughest wrestler pound for pound, G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, Pandora.

January 2012

December 2011

  • December 30, 2011: December vs Camron Star PCW 8-21-10

    We say good-bye to 2011 with this match from 2010, as our resdient bad girl Camron Star takes on whom the month is named after, December as she puts up her PCW championship against Miss Star.

  • December 23, 2011: 02. Cheerleader Melissa vs Makoto - (AJPW 11/06/11)

    Our special Christmas Video of the Week is the SHIMMER Champion and very popular G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, Cheerleader Melissa going to Taiwan to take on Makoto.

  • December 16, 2011: Britani Knight vs Blue Nikita

    It is European G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, Blue Nikita taking on the British Superstar, Britani Knight for the Ladies Championship.

  • December 09, 2011: Prime Time Wrestling's Sara Del Ray vs Stacey Marie.wmv

    One of the top wrestlers today, is Sara Del Rey. This is not an opinion but a fact as she is constantly ranked on many top ten lists. Today she wrestles for Prime Time Wrestling as she takes on Stacey Marie.

  • December 02, 2011: Melanie Cruise vs Joey Boom Boom

    Here is an interesting intergender match between Melanie Cruise and Joey Boom Boom, that will decide who the owner of the federation will be.

November 2011

  • November 25, 2011: Black Friday G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling

    We have a special for all our customers on this Black Friday. We go around the world getting some of the best matches involving G.L.O.R.Y. Girls. We have multiple videos for your viewing pleasure at a price that would beat any Black Friday specials...FREE!!! So why spend time in the long lines when you can spend some quality time with the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls. It is our Black Friday Special for the greatest fans, G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling fans.

  • November 18, 2011: Kacee Carlisle vs. Simply D'vyne

    It is MWF action as two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, Kacee Calisle takes on Simply D'Vyne in a hard fought, hard hitting match.

  • November 11, 2011: Master Rich,Tempest,Epiphany vs Doug Gilber,Lady Vendetta and Flash Flanagan

    It is a six person tag team match as the team of Master Rich, Tempest, and Epiphany taking on Doug Gilbert, Flash Flanagan, and G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, Lady Vendetta.

  • November 04, 2011: Kacee Carlisle vs. Persephone

    It is time for some OSF action as Kacee Carlisle takes on Persephone in a battle of the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls.

October 2011

September 2011

August 2011

  • August 26, 2011: CherryRush

    We head up to North of the Border as we have Canadian action between Cherry Bomb and Courtney Rush.

  • August 19, 2011: Metro Pro Wrestling - Show 043 - Lucy Mendez vs. Miss Natural

    It is Metro Pro Wrestling action as G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Miss Natural takes on Lucy Mendez with G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, Stacey O'Brien as special guess referee. Wild action concludes this matchup as all the ladies show their dislike toward the other ladies.

  • August 12, 2011: Sara Del Ray vs Valentina J Love 5/21/04

    Let's go back 7 years as Sara Del Rey takes on Valentina in a Big Time Wrestling event. A great match between two very popular G.L.O.R.Y. Girls.

  • August 05, 2011: Traci Brooks vs Christina Von Eerie

    It has been a while since we last seen Traci on the Video of the Week. Today we have the former TNA Knockout champion taking on the very tough Christina Von Eerie.

July 2011

June 2011

  • June 24, 2011: Kacee Carlisle vs Cindy Rogers vs Trixie Lynn

    Sad to report that Cindy Rogers has announced her retirement from wrestling. She has entertained many fans during her short run. Here she is involved with a three way G.L.O.R.Y. Girl matchup between her, Kacee Carlisle, and Trixie Lynn in a last woman standing match.

  • June 17, 2011: Womens Wrestling: Ariel vs Mercedes

    We have a PWF Northeast matchup as newcomer Mercedes takes on the veteran G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, the Portugese Princess, Ariel.

  • June 10, 2011: Miss Texas vs Tasha Simone

    Tasha Simone has just won the ladies title from Miss Texas at USWA when Tasha comes out and eggs the crowd on. Miss Texas comes out and challenges Tasha to a match. Good hard fought match with commentary by Jerry "The King" Lawler

  • June 03, 2011: NWA On Fire 3110_split1.avi

    It is a battle of two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Mistress Belmont and Barbie in an NWA On Fire match.

May 2011

April 2011

  • April 29, 2011: Sweet Saraya vs. Allison Danger - WAW, March 23rd 2007

    It is WAW action from England as Sweet Saraya takes on G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Allison Danger in a British rules match with 6 lots of 3 minute rounds with the best two out of three.

  • April 22, 2011: Metro Pro Wrestling - Show 030 - Women's Triple Threat Match

    It is time for some triple threat action, as Metro Pro Wrestling has G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Stacey O'Brien taking on Lucy Mendez and former Shimmer Champion MisChif, who is making her debut at Metro Pro Wrestling.

  • April 15, 2011: Melanie Cruise vs Serena Deeb

    Here is a match courtesy of POWW Entertainment as two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls and SHIMMER Stars, Melanie Cruise takes on Serena Deeb in a no holds barred matchup. Melanie's partner, Taylor Made is barred from ringside, so Melanie introduces a new manager. Will this be enough to help Melanie to a win, or will Serena overcome the odds?

  • April 08, 2011: CCW: Taylor Wilde vs PJ Tyler

    For today's action we travel north to Canada, as we have CCW action between PJ Tyler and Taylor Wilde, aka Shantelle Taylor.

  • April 01, 2011: Shelly Martinez .vs. Lucky O'Shay

    It is another NWA Hollywood matchup as G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Shelly Martinez takes on the Irish lass, Lucky O' Shay.

March 2011

  • March 25, 2011: Lizzy Valentine vs Christina Von Eerie

    It is NWA Hollywood action as G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Lizzy Valentine taking on Christina Von Eerie. Who will be taking on the winner's share of the pot?

  • March 18, 2011: Taylor Nicole vs Chrissy Johnson

    As everybody knows that Joe Rules is married to G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Taylor Nicole Rules. As seen this week, Joe has been having his problems with his wife, that he wrestled her twice and brought in another wrestler with no success. Today he brings in another G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, Chrissy Johnson to take on Taylor. Will Joe finally get that long lost victory he has sought for, or will Taylor show that she is the Rules who rules?

  • March 11, 2011: Miss jackie & NewYork Knockout Nikki vs Christina Von Eerie & Jennifer Blake

    It is a NWA Hollywood matchup down in Mexico, as "Tough Enough" winner Miss Jackie, teams up with G.L.O.R.Y. Girl New York Knockout Nikki talking on the team of soon Shimmer star Christina Von Eerie, and Shimmer star and G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Jennifer Blake in Lucha Libre action.

  • March 04, 2011: Women's Title - Claudia "The Claw: Reiff vs Radiant Rain

    We take you to the Funking Conservatory as Dory Funk's wrestling site !BANG!TV has a women's championship match as Claudia "The Claw" Reiff takes on G.L.O.R.Y. Girl "Radiant" Rain with special guest referee Tully Blanchard.

February 2011

  • February 25, 2011: Del Ray vs. Roxx - Best of Women of Honor on HDNet

    It is a Women of Honor matchup between two top female wrestlers on G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling; Sara Del Rey taking on Nikki Roxx.

  • February 18, 2011: Mistress Belmont Vs. Nikki Roxx

    Have you ever been to a Nikki Roxx match in person. The only way you can describe this lady is that Nikki...Roxx! Nikki...Roxx! Well she is matchup against another impressive G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Mistress Belmont in a Chaotic Wrestling matchup, in a woman's final match to determine who will go for the intergender title in Cold Fury 10.

  • February 11, 2011: Barbie vs. Latasha

    Two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, Barbie and Latasha keep up their heated fued, this time they are in Rockland, Massachusetts in WWS action.

  • February 04, 2011: Women's Wrestling: Cindy Rogers vs, Mercedes Martinez

    The Definition of Technician, G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Cindy Rogers takes on Mercedes Martinez in a WXW matchup.

January 2011

  • January 28, 2011: Sabrina Kyle Vs Portia Perez 2 Out Of 3 Falls EWLS

    It is a G.L.O.R.Y. Girl matchup as Sabrina Kyle meest Portia Perez in a two out of three fall match to determine the initial EWLS Women's Champion.

  • January 21, 2011: Nikita vs. Lexie Fyfe

    This is a 2002 Frontier Wrestling matchup between two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, Lexie Fyfe and Nikita, aka Katie Lea aka Winter.

  • January 14, 2011: Jen Blake Vs Carmel

    This week we travel along with Jen Blake to Scotland as she takes on Carmel in the opening round of the SSW Championship.

  • January 07, 2011: TNA Impact 12/30/10 Velvet Sky vs Sarita

    We kick off the new year with a TNA matchup with two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Velvet Skye and Sarita in a ladies strap match.

December 2010

  • December 31, 2010: Annie Social/ April Hunter Vs. Cat Power/ Danyah - WEW

    We are going to end the new year with a war, a battle between Canada and the United States as 4 G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Cat Powers and Danyah from Canada takes on the Americans Annie Social and April Hunter in a WEW matchup.

  • December 24, 2010: SLAMmminLadies Xmas 2010

    Merry Christmas everybody. Today we bring a very special match courtesy of Lexie Fyfe and SLAMmmingLadies. Today in a special Christmas Theme we have a submission between everybody's naughty girl Rain going up against nice girl Cat Powers. Who will be the first to say Rudolph?

  • December 17, 2010: Gail Kim vs. Daffney

    It is an UWF matchup between G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Gail Kim and Daffney with special guest referee Jackie Moore. So is this a one on one matchup, or two versus one?

  • December 10, 2010: Kacee Carlisle vs niya vs amy lee (WXW C-4 3 WAY WOMEN MATCH)

    It is a little three way action as Niya takes on two of our G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, Kacee Carlisle and Amy Lee. Hard fighting action between all three ladies, until outside inteference causes one lady not to be able to win the match.

  • December 03, 2010: December vs Mia Martinez CLPW

    What a way to start off the month of December, by having December taking on Mia Martinez, in the battle of the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls.

November 2010

  • November 26, 2010: Wesna Busic vs Mercedes Martinez (WXW)

    The German G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Wesna takes on Mercedes Martinez in a Women's Xtreme Wrestling matchup. Two of the toughest wrestlers put on a hard fought match with a definite winner at the end.

  • November 19, 2010: Pro Wrestling - SCWA MindShock TV Episode 41 - Ladies Triple Treat

    It is a triple threat match with three ladies: Amber O'Neal, Persephone, and Kristin Flake. Match goes back and forth between all three ladies. Which blonde wrestler is coming out the winner.

  • November 12, 2010: December vs Camron Star PCW 8-21-10

    It is bad girl Camron Star taking on fan favorite December....wait a second something is wrong here...it is fan favorite Camron Star taking on bad girl December. I am so confused. Anyway you look at it, it is Camron Star challeging the Champion December for the PCW Women's Championship.

  • November 05, 2010: PWR Wrestling - Brittany Force vs. Sassy Stephie

    Two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Brittany Force takes on Sassy Stephie in this PWR women's match.

October 2010

September 2010

August 2010

July 2010

June 2010

May 2010

  • May 28, 2010: Fantasy vs Su Yung (Graysville, AL).MPG

    We bring you some wrestling from the South today, as we have two beautiful and talented ladies facing each other, Su Yung vs Fantasy. Very entertaining match with a questionable finish. Also watch for Brian Reese hard at work getting photos for G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling's POD.

  • May 21, 2010: Ariel vs Nikki Valentine

    It is G.L.O.R.Y. Champion Ariel taking on NCEW Champion Nikki Valentine in a NCEW Women's Championship Title matchup. Who will come out the champion?

  • May 14, 2010: PWR Wrestling - Ladies Championship

    It is a three way for the PWR Ladies Championship as Brittany Force, Sassy Stephie, and Angel Dust take on each other. Back and Forth action with a definite winner.

  • May 07, 2010: Kacee Carlisle & Sara del Rey vs. Ashley Nicely and Roxie Cotton

    It is tag team wrestling at ACW with Kacee Carlisle and Sara del Ray taking on Ashley Nicely and Roxie Cotton. Kacee and Sara has enough strength to be able to take on some of the male tag teams. This is a match you saw on the POD with Wrestling Wally's great pics, and if you look in Sara's and Kacee's corner, you will see Wally hard at work. Also hope somebody can tell us, who the young lady at ringside with Roxie and Ashley. Great match with back and forth action.

April 2010

  • April 30, 2010: The Brotherhood vs The Mack Attack

    Let's travel down to Australia for this women's tag team matchup as we have the Brotherhood consisting of Sway, and G.L.O.R.Y. Girl "The Rate Tank" Kellie Skater taking on the Mack Attack, G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Jessie McKay and Shazza MacKenzie. This is a two part match which will contiue to play to get this exciting match in. Which team will pick up the victory?

  • April 23, 2010: Daizee Haze vs Traci Brooks vs Lacey vs Allison Danger (Womens Wrestling)

    It is a 4 way match in Ring of Honor, as it is Daizee Haze, Traci Brooks, Lacey, and Allison Danger competing in this matchup, with the first pin getting the win.

  • April 16, 2010: ICW Pacific Tour S. Korea 2010 Irresistable Danille vs She Nay Nay

    Tonight we have a very special Video of the Week, that our great friend Wrestling Wally sent to us. I want to say thanks to Wally and I'm so proud of both ladies, but since Wally found the video, let's let Wally introduce it to us. Take it Wally.

    WALLY: "For the Boys ... "

    Our country's service men and women give up a lot of things in order to keep our country safe, but fortunately, they don't have to do without live professional wrestling! International Championship Wrestling recently did a tour of American military bases in South Korea which featured GLORY Girls She Nay Nay and Irresistible Danielle. They may have been on the other side of the world, but neither wrestler seemed to change her stripes one bit. There's Irresistible Danielle flirting with the soldiers! And there's She Nay Nay showing utter disregard for the rules of wrestling! But major kudos to ICW, She Nay Nay and Irresistible Danielle for doing all they do "For the Boys (and Girls!)"

  • April 09, 2010: Shelly Martinez vs Beth Phoenix (Trinity as Referee)

    We hope everybody enjoyed G.L.O.R.Y.MANIA 2 last week, and can continue to watch it in the VOW Archieves. Today we have 3 G.L.O.R.Y. Girls involved in the OVW matchup between Beth Phoenix and Shelly Martinez with Trinity as the referee. Will Trinity get physical in this matchup?

  • April 02, 2010: G.L.O.R.Y.MANIA 2

    We have a little Easter surprise for you, as we present G.L.O.R.Y.MANIA 2. We have 90 matches comprising with 193 videos. You will see many of our G.L.O.R.Y. Girls in action, and just like this year's March Madness, there will be a lot of surprises and some epic upsets. Best part are these matches are free, and you can watch them over and over again. Just sit back, click the link, and watch the matches come on one by one as the action comes hot and heavy. Happy Easter and enjoy G.L.O.R.Y.MANIA 2.

March 2010

  • March 26, 2010: Ashley Lane vs Sassy Stephy

    Today we have Ashley Lane taking on Sassy Stephy in an outdoor match. Next week these two ladies will be part of G.L.O.R.Y.MANIA 2, but will they be wrestling each other next week, or somebody different. For today, enjoy this exciting matchup.

  • March 19, 2010: Alexis Laree vs Jessie "The Cat" Venturi (08.11.2004)

    One of Alexis' early matches in World Extreme Wrestling against Jessie "The Cat" Venturi, who maybe better known as Dee Dee Venturi.

  • March 12, 2010: Roxie Cotton vs. Genni Wright vs. Sumi Saki

    A very exciting three way dance featuring Roxie, Gemmi, and Sumi doing a very unique three way test of strength. Also look for another popular G.L.O.R.Y. figure, as Wrestling Wally is at ring side taking pictures. Also stay tune later this week as we have some exciting news for everybody.

  • March 05, 2010: Kacee Carlisle vs. Sara Del Rey vs. Mia Yim

    It is a three way match to determine the number one contender for the ACW Women's Championship. It will be refereed by Ashley Nicely.

February 2010

  • February 26, 2010: WWE/OVW WRESTLING: Passion and Mickey James vs Melissa Coates and Jillian Hall

    Here is an OVW tag team matchup between Passion/Mickie James and Melissa Coates/Jillian Hall. Who will pick up the win?

  • February 19, 2010: Women's Wrestling: Susan Sexton vs. Lady X

    Today we are going to feature our G.L.O.R.Y. Legends, as Susan Sexton(c) takes on Lady X w/ Ashley Kennedy, for the LPWA championship. If you look back to the Link of the Day for February 4th and 5th, we showed the promo for this two out of three championship match. Who will walk out the champion?

  • February 12, 2010: Sassy Stephanie/AngelDust vs Brittney Force/J-Rocc

    For the PWR Tag Team Titles, it is the Tagteam champion Sassy Stephanie and Angeldust taking on Brittney Force and J-Rocc. Back and forth action with a surprise ending. Who will be the champions after this bout?

  • February 05, 2010: mistress belmont vs vanity vixxxen

    It is Mistress Belmont taking on Vanity Vixxxen in one on one action. Will the G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Mistress be able to defeat the crowd favorite Vanity?

January 2010

  • January 29, 2010: Jelena vs Angel Rose

    It is G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Jelena taking on Angel Rose in the first televised match for D1PW. So which lady is going to get the inagural win?

  • January 22, 2010: Amber vs Nikki vs Alexis - 3 way girls Match

    It is a three way dance for the Alliance Championship Wrestling, Women's Championship as Nikki Valentine defends her title against Amber and Alexis.

  • January 15, 2010: Allison Danger & Pocahontis vs Melissa Coates & Persophone NASW Halloween Bash 2009.mp4

    It is an NASW tag team match up as Allison Danger and Pocahontis taking on the power team of Melissa Coates and Persephone. So who will come out the victor in this matchup?

  • January 08, 2010: Hailey Hatred vs Sara Del Rey

    For the JAPW Women's Title it is the challenger Hailey Hatred take on the champion Sara Del Rey in a hard hitting action that sees each woman have the advantage in the match. Who will take the victory and walk away with the championship?

  • January 01, 2010: Lizzy Valentine vs Morgan

    Happy New Years Day, everybody. And what better way than start New Years with a ladies matchup between two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, Lizzy Valentine aka Valentina and Morgan. A hard fought match between two talented ladies that will feature a definite winning pin. Who will win the matchup?

December 2009

November 2009

  • November 27, 2009: Jay Lethal/Alicia vs Chris Rockwell/Cindy Rogers

    It is mixed tag team action as TNA's Jay Lethal teams with Alicia to take on The Idol Chris Rockwell and Cindy Rogers. Everybody gets involved with this match in this fast paced action. Which team will pick up the victory.

  • November 20, 2009: Amber O Neal & Barbie vs Becky Bayless & Roxy Cotton

    It is a little WEW action as G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Becky Bayless and Roxie Cotton take on Barbie aka Rhaka Khan and G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Amber O'Neal, which WEW officials misspelled. Who will pick up the victory in this tag team matchup.

  • November 13, 2009: Womens Champion Melina vs Alicia Fox

    As many may know Alicia is the number one contender for Melina's belt, but here is an earlier match to show they have had history with each other.

  • November 06, 2009: Veronica Fairchild vs Su Yung

    It is wrestling in Tennessee, as MLW champion Su Yung takes on Veronica Fairchild.

October 2009

  • October 30, 2009: NWA Main Event Classic - Madison vs. Kai

    It is our G.L.O.R.Y. Girl from Canada, Madison, taking on our G.L.O.R.Y. Girl from the WWF Leilani Kai in a NWA Main event contest as Madison defends her title against Ms. Kai.

  • October 23, 2009: Ditz and Glitz vs Jennifer Blake and Hailey Rogers

    The tag team of Ditz and Glitz takes on two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls with the team of Jennifer Blake and Hailey Rogers in a match where Ditz and Glitz have the upper hand during most of the match.

  • October 16, 2009: Nikita vs Lexie Fyfe

    Let's go back to 2002 to Revival 2002 as Nikita aka Katie Lea Burchill takes on Lexie Fyfe in a match with some very questionable officiating.

  • October 09, 2009: Brittney Force vs Morgan Rockefeller

    PWR's Women's Champion Brittney Force taking on rookie Morgan Rockefeller in a title match. Who will walk out the ring as the champion.

  • October 02, 2009: april hunter match 6 woman

    It is a 6 G.L.O.R.Y Wrestling Match, as April Hunter, Angel Williams, and Cindy Rogers takes on Traci Brooks, Beth Phoenix and Belladawna in a very exciting 6 women's tag match.

September 2009

  • September 25, 2009: Alexa Thatcher vs. Corvis Fear

    In what was suppose to be Alexa Thatcher's JWA debut against Liz Savage, is interrupted by Corvis Fear who challenges Alexa to a one on one matchup.

  • September 18, 2009: MsChif and Jimmy Jacobs vs. Daizee Haze and Delirious

    Here is a mix tag team matchup as MsChif teams with Jimmy Jacobs taking on Daizee Haze and the dangerous Delirious.

  • September 11, 2009: Jennifer Blake vs P J Tyler vs Holly Hilton

    It is a PXW three-way as "Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake defends her PXW Women's championship against P J Tyler and the "Perfect Ten" Holly Hilton, in a very exciting contest.

  • September 04, 2009: The Claw vs Gail Kim

    It is a woman's championship match at the Funking Conservatory as the Champion The Claw takes on Gail Kim former WWE, and WCW Champion. The action goes back and forth until somebody uses questionable methods to win the match.

August 2009

  • August 28, 2009: Roxie Cotton & Kylie Peirce vs Missy Sampson & Jana WWC 7-5-9

    Four G.L.O.R.Y. Girls at Roxie Cotton teams with Kylie Pearce as they go up against Jana and Missy Sampson. Very entertaining match.

  • August 21, 2009: Macaela Mercedes (WWE's Jillian Hall) vs. Ariel

    It's the battle of G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Champions as Macaela Mercedes takes on Ariel in this 2002 JWA matchup. A very "Evil" match indeed.

  • August 14, 2009: Lacey vs. Rain, SDW

    Before they united to form the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, Lacey and Rain had a rivalry in the Minnesota area, and here it is showcased in a Steel Domain Wrestling matchup. Which of the future partners is going to pick up the "W"?

  • August 07, 2009: Bang Bang Pete v.s Tracey Brooks v.s Angelina Love

    In honor of TNA coming to Baton Rouge, Saturday night,(which I will be attending), we showcase two of the knockouts in a three way match between Bang Bang Pete, Angelina Love, and the original knockout Traci Brooks. Who will take the win in this BSE action?

July 2009

  • July 31, 2009: Miss Dixie vs Chrissy Johnson

    Last week they were taking on Ashley Nicely and Autumn Breeze. Now this week Miss Dixie and Chrissy Johnson are facing each other for the CPW Women's Championship. Who will take the Gold home?

  • July 24, 2009: Miss Dixie & Chrissy Johnson VS Ashley Nicely & Autumn Breeze

    Here is a Women's tag team match for CPW Scranton, with 4 very talented ladies.

  • July 17, 2009: NECW 2PrettyInPink vs Kris Pyro & Alexxis Nevaeh

    In this NECW mixed tagteam match it is 2Pretty In Pink (Brendan Michael Thomas and Ariel) taking on Kris Pyron and Alexxis Nevaeh. Who is going to pick up the win?

  • July 10, 2009: Roxie Cotton vs. Genni Wright vs. Sumi Saki

    It is a three way matchup between Roxie Cotton, Genni Wright, and Sumie Sakai, for NHPW/INDYGURLS in Boonton, New Jersey. If you look closely you will see another G.L.O.R.Y. figure in action as Wrestling Wally is at ringside as well. Great match and a great finish.

  • July 03, 2009: PJ Tyler vs Cherry Bomb

    Here is a For the Fans Wresling Federation woman's match between PJ Tyler and Cherry Bomb at Midland Mania. Very entertaining match going back and forth. A clean pin in the middle of the ring, takes the match.

June 2009

  • June 26, 2009: Holly Hilton vs Traci Brooks

    It has been awhile since we have seen Traci in action, and here she takes on the Perfect Ten, Holly Hilton, accompanied to the ring by Sebastian Suave. Will Traci be able to overcome the odds, or will Holly steal one thanks to the help of Suave?

  • June 19, 2009: Lady Victoria vs Sabastian

    It seems the LV has showed up for a match and there are no female opponents. Thinking she would get an easy DQ, Sabastian stands up and challenges Lady Victoria to a match.

  • June 12, 2009: Leilani Kai vs Christie Ricci

    Here is a match from NWA Main Event TV in this 2003 match between Leilani and Christie.

  • June 05, 2009: Webmatch: Raisha Saeed vs. Sojo Bolt

    Here is a webmatch between two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, Josie and Cheerleader Melissa, in their alter-ego's with a very unique finishing move.

May 2009

  • May 29, 2009: Roxie Cotton vs Brooke Carter

    Here is a little NYWC wrestling action as our resident Mall Rat Roxie takes on G.L.O.R.Y.'s newcomer Brooke Carter.

  • May 22, 2009: Portia Perez vs Serena Deeb

    Recently the American Wrestling Rampage held a show in Bordeaux, France, which featured two of our G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, Portia Perez and Serena Deeb. Great match, and the commentary is in French.

  • May 15, 2009: JWA United Women's Championship

    Today we have a woman's championship match which has Taylor Nicole Rules with her manager Luxurious Lynne taking on the Valley girl herself, Roxie Cotton for the first ever JWA Women't Champion.

  • May 08, 2009: Miss Danyah vs PJ Tyler BCW 2008

    Here is a match between the lovely Miss Danyah, taking on PJ Tyler. Well unfortunately due to some outside inteference, this is a short match...what's that there is more to it, than that match. Well you will just have to click on to see who else gets involved.

  • May 01, 2009: Sarah Stock vs April Hunter

    We go back to 2003 at the WXW Elite 8 as we have a semi-final match between Sarah Stock and April Hunter, with the winner getting a shot at Phoenix for the Finals. So will the winner really be a winner?

April 2009

  • April 24, 2009: Malia Hosaka vs Little Jeanne

    Here is a World League Wrestling matchup between Malia Hosaka and Little Jeanne, that goes back and forth several times. Who will pick up the victory in this grueling event?

  • April 17, 2009: Webmatch: ODB vs. Sojo Bolt

    Here is a webmatch between ODB and Sojo Bolt aka Josie, in a very hard fought match.

  • April 10, 2009: Malia Hosaka v Alexis Laree

    I hope everybody enjoyed G.L.O.R.Y.MANIA, and now this week, we continue with the great wrestling, as we have two icons, Alexis Laree, aka Mickie James on WWE, taking on Malia Hosaka, WCW, WWF and Indy star. Here is a match between these two warriors, early in Alexis' career.

  • April 03, 2009: G.L.O.R.Y.MANIA

    As we await the Final Four in basketball, and Wrestlemania on Sunday, we present to you G.L.O.R.Y.MANIA to bring notice to our ladies wrestling. You won't just find one match, or even two matches, but a whole marathon of matche featuring our G.L.O.R.Y. Ladies. Here is your chance to root for your favorites, and your chance to just support all the ladies. One good thing about G.L.O.R.Y.MANIA, is you can watch your favorite matches, and you can watch the matches at your leisure, but most of all unlike pay per view, these matches are free. So enjoy.

March 2009

  • March 27, 2009: Ariel & Madison Eagles vs Lexxus & Jessie Mackay

    International action as we have G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Ariel from Portugal and Madison from Austrailia face against another Australian Jessie Mackay, and Lexxus from the United States. In fact Madison and Jessie form the Pink Ladies tag team, but seperated for this match. The action is brought to you by our friends at New England Championship Wrestling, and the match begins around the five minute mark on the video, but it is over 15 minutes of great action.

  • March 20, 2009: Mickie Knuckles vs Mike Levy

    Queen of the Hardcore, Mickie Knuckles takes on Mike Levy in a Hardcore Matchup, with chairs, ladders and florescent light bulbs.

  • March 13, 2009: Mickie Knuckles vs Daizee Haze

    We go back a little in time to 2006 as we have this IWA matchup between Mickie Knuckles and Daizee Haze. Very Entertaining match that goes back and forth. Who will come out the victor?

  • March 06, 2009: Cheerleader Melissa vs Mercedes Martinez

    This is a first for Video of the Week. Today we have an outstanding wrestling match between Cheerleader Melissa taking on Mercedes Martinez in a Pro Wrestling Elite show. This is a two part video, oh by the way did I say this was a first for the Video of the Week. You bet I did, and here is the first. As soon as part one is over, you will not have to wait until next week for part 2, because it will start up right after part one. So enjoy this great match, between two great superstars.

February 2009

  • February 27, 2009: Webmatch: Roxxi vs. Madison Rayne

    Roxxi Levaux aka Nikki Roxx takes on Madison Rayne aka Ashley Lane in this TNA webmatch. Who will take the win in this very good matchup?

  • February 20, 2009: Lacey vs. Tara Charisma, WXW

    The Lovely Lacey is taking on Tara Charisma in a WXW Elite Eight Tournament Qualifier. Which of these two ladies will go to the tournament?

  • February 13, 2009: The Pink & Black Attack VS. Krissy Vaine & Angel Williams

    It is the Pink and Black Attack (Shantelle Taylor and Nattie Neihardt) taking on the co-General Managers of Deep South Wrestling, Krissy Vaine, and ANGEL Williams. So who will come out the victor in this matchup?

  • February 06, 2009: Mercedes Martinez vs Fate

    Here is a WXW matchup, between Fate, and the ever dangerous Mercedes Martinez. The clip is very jerky, but the action is great. Who will wind up winning this match.

January 2009

  • January 30, 2009: Arsen (w/ the Professionals) vs Lorelei Lee

    Arsen comes down to the ring being accompanied by the Professionals, preparing to do battle with Lorelei Lee. Will Lorelei be able to overcome a 4 vs 1 disadvantage, or will it be too much for her?

  • January 23, 2009: Kyra vs Ebony Princess

    Here is an early match of Kyra aka Melina Perez taking on the Ebony Princess in a very hard fought match. Will the Princess be able to stop Kyra, or will Krya use Princess as a stepping stone on her way to the WWE?

  • January 16, 2009: April Hunter, Cindy Rogers, ANGEL Williams vs Traci Brooks, Phoenix, Belladawna

    A blast from the past, with an allstar lineup in a six woman tag-team match. Great WXW action. Which tag team will walk away with the win.

  • January 09, 2009: Krysta Lynn Scott vs Danyah - Part 2 - ECPW June 1st 2008

    Last week we saw Krysta fake an injury and as Danyah was holding the ropes to help her out, Krysta kicked Danyah out of the ring. This is where we pick up the action, as we have a fight that goes back and forth with a definite winner at the end. Who will pick up this victory.

  • January 02, 2009: Krysta Lynn Scott vs Danyah - Part 1 - ECPW June 1st 2008

    Happy New Year, Everybody, and welcome back to another new year of Video of the Week, and have we got a match for you with two very beautiful and talented ladies in the ring today. We have Krysta Lynn Scott vs G.L.O.R.Y.'s very own Danyah, who arguable has the best abs in the business today. Check out the action in this video.

December 2008

  • December 26, 2008: Portia Perez vs 21st Century Fox - Part 2 - UCW

    Happy Boxer Day, everybody, hoped you enjoyed your Christmas. Although, it is Boxer Day, we are still going to present some wrestling, as we have given Fox a full week to stretch out, as we concludes this week's match between Portia and Fox. Who will pick up the win in this back and forth contest?

  • December 19, 2008: Portia Perez vs 21st Century Fox - Part 1 - UCW

    This is our Christmas edition of the Video of the Week, and have we a present for you, as we have two very popular wrestlers from G.L.O.R.Y. as Portial Perez takes on 21st Century Fox in UCW action. Have a Merry Christmas, everybody, and enjoy the action.

  • December 12, 2008: Sara Del Rey vs Portia Perez

    Here is some Chicara action between two of the top G.L.O.R.Y. Girls as Sara Del Rey takes on Portia Perez.

  • December 05, 2008: The Beatdown Betties vs The Soul Sister

    The team of Rick Cataldo and Roxie Cotton take on Luscious Latasha and Jena in this WSU matchup. So will it be the Betties or the Sisters who will take the win in this match?

November 2008

  • November 28, 2008: Rayne & Haley Skye vs One Man Army & Ariel

    Here is a very early match in which G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Champion Ariel is involved in a mixed tag team match. Which team will come out victorious?

  • November 21, 2008: Ashley Lane & Joe Joe Little vs Sassy Stephy & Jeff Cannon

    G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Ashley Lane takes on her arch rival Sassy Stephy with help from a couple of gentlemen in this intergender matchup. Which lady's team will walk away with the victory?

  • November 14, 2008: Haley Rogers vs Jennifer Blake

    The PXW Women's Champion Haley Rogers defends her belt against Jennifer Blake, with action going back and forth. Which lady will walk out the PXW Women's Champion?

  • November 07, 2008: Daizee Haze vs Roxxi

    It is an Action Packet Wrestling match between Daizee Haze and Roxxi Laveau aka Nikki Roxx. It is hard to root against any of these two ladies because they are big fan favorites. If you haven't seen Daizee in action, you will be surprised by her agility and Roxxi, you will be surprised by her strength. A great scientific matchup between two great ladies. Who will win?

October 2008

  • October 31, 2008: Sara Del Rey vs Josie/ Lacey vs Laura Mattano

    Happy Halloween everybody, and this is no trick, but a great treat for our wrestling fans, as we will present not one, but two matches the first one is Sara Del Rey vs Josie, as these two beauties battle it out in this Ring of Honor action. In the second half of our double-header, we feature Lacey in action against Laura Mattano in this Ring of Honor match-up. Whatever the outcome of these two matches, you will agree the fans will come out the winner, as they watch this special G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Trick or Treat.

  • October 24, 2008: Black Barbie vs April Hunter

    April Hunter is back in the ring as she takes on Black Barbie, who is now a TNA Knockout. Action goes back and forth with comments by Francine. Who will walk away the winner?

  • October 17, 2008: Kacee Carlisle vs Fate

    Fate, the PWE Women's Champion defends her belt against Kacee Carlisle. However Kacee's legal advisor, Max Speede had a special stipulation- that he would be the referee for the tilte match. Are the odds stack against Fate, or will she be able to overcome this obstacle?

  • October 10, 2008: Jade Chung vs Candice LeRae

    It is not often we get to feature any of the manager on the VOW, but we have a match where Jade Chung took on Candice LeRae. Will the manager be able to upset the wrestler?

  • October 03, 2008: Allison Danger vs Cat Power

    Here is the kind of action you see in a Shimmer match as Dave Prazak graciously put on youtube for us. It is the ever popular Allison Danger taking on newcomer Cat Power aka Haley Rogers. It is the battle of the Canadians, so who will take the matchup.

September 2008

  • September 26, 2008: PJ vs Lindsay Lynn Part 2

    Now we have the conclusion of the match as the action has been going back and forth. Which one of these wrestlers will pick up the victory.

  • September 19, 2008: PJ vs Lindsay Lynn Part 1

    We go up to Vermont, to SAW as we watch the women's champion Lindsay Lynn take on PJ. This appears to be a tough challenge for our G.L.O.R.Y. Girl who has come a long way from being just the SAW Cheerleader.

  • September 12, 2008: Hellena Heavenly vs Sin D

    Here is a NWF matchup between Hellena and Sin D, who once held the men's tag team title with Peaches.

  • September 05, 2008: Syblil Star vs Jade

    Now we have a WCWA Championship matchup between Sybil and Jade, although I think they call her Daisy in the video.

August 2008

  • August 29, 2008: Roxie Cotton vs Becky Bayless

    Here is a WSU matchup between the mallrat Roxie Cotton, and the lovely Becky Bayless in a hard fought match.

  • August 22, 2008: Jamie D vs 21st Century Fox

    Very exciting match between the very tough Jamie D taking on The 21st Century Fox. For the poster who thought she wasn't wrestling anymore, here is Fox in a very recent match. I have only one question. Why would anybody want to boo the Fox? Back and forth action, you will have to watch to find out who the winner is.

  • August 15, 2008: Crystal Carmicheal vs Christie Ricci

    Here is a WEW matchup between Crystal Carmicheal, aka Crystal White, vs Christie Ricci in a hardhitting bout.

  • August 08, 2008: Krissy Vaine vs Talia Madison WXW

    Krissy Vaine from Team Blondage take on Talia Madison for the WXW Women's Championship in a bout before both ladies advanced to their respective federations.

  • August 01, 2008: Mickie Knuckles and Daizee Haze vs Mercedes Martinez and Angel Williams Part 2

    The conclusion to last week's matchup between these 4 ladies, who are putting on a great match. Who will pick up the win?

July 2008

  • July 25, 2008: Mickie Knuckles and Daizee Haze vs Mercedes Matinez and Angel Williams

    An exciting IWA female tag team action, as Mickie teaming with Daizee, to take of the duo of Mercedes and Angel. Part 1 of the match.

  • July 18, 2008: Kacee Carlisle vs Krissy Vaine

    In her very first pro match, Kacee takes on Krissy. Will she be undefeated, or will Krissy take the win?

  • July 11, 2008: Ariel vs BMT

    Here is an intergender match between Ariel and BMT before they decide to team up. Watch as another G.L.O.R.Y. Girl makes an entrance, which leaves me pondering with this question. If the "Barbie Crusher" is used on a guy, would it be called a "Ken Crusher?"

  • July 04, 2008: Women Wrestling Lacey vs Rain MV (2002)

    Before they became the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, they had a fued that rival none, as many times Lacey and Rain faced each other. Here is a musical video dedicated to that fued.

June 2008

May 2008

  • May 30, 2008: Haley Rogers vs Jennifer Blake

    A PXW women's championship match between the champion Haley and the challenger Jennifer. Danger Boy Derek Wylde makes a special appearance at the end.

  • May 23, 2008: Lacey vs Tara Charisma WXW

    A very tough Lacey going against a very determined Tara Charisma, with the winner advancing to the Elite Eight. Which lady will advance?

  • May 16, 2008: Sue Sexton vs Heidi Lee Morgan

    Earlier this week we lost a G.L.O.R.Y. Legend, and try as I did, I could not find a match with Penny Banner in it, but I did the next best thing, as I found one with another one of our G.L.O.R.Y. Legends, Sue Sexton taking on Heidi Lee Morgan. Ms Sexton was trained by the legendary Mildred Burke. Hard fought match all the way, which lady will take the win in this non-title match.

  • May 09, 2008: Natayla Niehardt vs Miss Danyah

    I don't know about anybody else, but I have been searching high and low for a match with Danyah in it. With the added bonus of the new Smackdown Diva, Natalya Niehardt, the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Niehardt and first female third genaration wrestler, this is definetly a match that goes back and forth, as both ladies dish out and absorb the punishment. Who will take the win?

  • May 02, 2008: Hailey Rogers vs PJ Tyler

    A very exciting match where both ladies give it their all. Who will win this very exciting match?

April 2008

  • April 25, 2008: Erica Porter vs Lexie Fyfe

    Our buddy Phhhl a well known Erica Porter fan has brought us this very exciting match between Erica and our very own moderator Lexie Fyfe. This is for the IWZ Championship. Who will win this exciting match.

  • April 18, 2008: Luscious Lola vs Sara Jay

    We now head down under for an exciting Diva's match between Luscious Lola and Sara Jay, which has an unexpected ending.

  • April 11, 2008: Kylie Pierce Wrestles Fate at Covey Pro Wrestling

    In a match from November 2007, former Jawbreaker Teammates Kylie Pierce and Fate wrestle each other. Who will win this battle? Could that be our Wrestling Wally in the corner taking pictures? These and many more questions will be answered if you just watch the video. Enjoy.

  • April 04, 2008: Sara Del Rey Wrestles Kylie Pierce March 2008

    Here is a recent matchup between Kylie and Sara. Which one of the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls will take the victory?

March 2008

  • March 28, 2008: Malia Hosaka vs Molly McShane

    Here is a NWA East matchup between Malia Hosaka and Molly McShane in a very fast paced match. Who will take the Victory?

  • March 21, 2008: Nevaeh & Ashley Lane vs Hellena Heavenly & Josie

    Here is a ladies tag team match between Neveah and Ashley Lane (aka Lexi Lane) vs Hellena Heavenly and Josie in some Insanity Pro Wrestling. Which tag team will take the match?

  • March 14, 2008: Ashleigh Vayda vs Cherry Bomb

    Ashliegh Vayda defends her OSPW Women's championship against Cherry Bomb. Who will win the championship?

  • March 07, 2008: Rachel Summerlyn vs Portia Perez

    Recently Portia was on a Southern Tour, when she met up with Rachel Summerlyn in West Monroe, Louisiana. What may look like a mismatch, turns out to be a great match. Which lady will come out with the win?

February 2008

  • February 29, 2008: Haley Rogers vs Kelly "Au Naturel" Couture Part 2

    Again thanks to A and R Wrestling for this weeks Video of the Week. We continue last week's match between Haley and Kelly, with what I think is a great ending, and the way matches like these should end.

  • February 22, 2008: Haley Rogers vs Kelly "Au Naturel" Couture Part 1

    Ever since the Fantasy Tournament, in which Haley was outstanding in, I have been looking for a video with her in it. Well I didn't find this one, but A and R Wrestling found the clip of her wrestling Kelly "Au Naturel" Couture. This is the match for BSE and a very entertaining match. Stay tune for Part 2 next week.

  • February 15, 2008: Nikita vs Sky

    Here is an EWW match between Nikita and Sky. Very tough match. Which lady will take the victory home.

  • February 08, 2008: Beth Phoenix vs ODB w/Katie Lea aka Nikita at ringside

    Here is an OVW matchup between Beth and ODB, with Katie commentating on the match. Who will win this battle of the powerhouses.

  • February 01, 2008: Bulla Punk vs Roxy

    Here is a very hard fight between Bulla Punk and Roxy. Who will walk away with the win?

January 2008

  • January 25, 2008: Gail Kim & Josseline vs Mayumi Ozaki & Miss Janeth

    We go international now as Gail Kim headlines this women't tag team match that was held in Korea. Now this is a great ovation that greeted Gail. Match is in Korean, but the action is still great.

  • January 18, 2008: PWU Power Surge TV: 1-16-08 (Part 1)

    Here is a half hour wrestling show, that features a woman's championship match between the PWU Women's Champion, Annie Social against Challenger Cindy Rogers, with special guest referee, AmyLee. As anybody knows, with Amy in the ring, it can be very unpredictable. Who will win the championship.

  • January 11, 2008: Gail Kim, Angelina Love,& Velvet Sky vs ODB, Roxxi Laveaux,& Jackie Moore

    Hey fans, I think we have a record here, as we have not 1, not 2, nor 3, nor 4 but 5 G.L.O.R.Y. Girls wrestling in a major wrestling company, as we have Gail Kim, Angel Williams, and our Fantasy Champion, Talia, taking on ODB, Nikki Roxx, and Miss Jackie in a 6 woman tag team match. Great match, with a surprising power move at the end.

  • January 04, 2008: Lacey vs Serena Deeb

    Here is a Ring of Honor match between Serena Deeb and Lacey, who came down to the ring with Jimmy Jacobs. So does Jimmy get involved with the match? Do we see more G.L.O.R.Y. Girls coming down to the ring. Stay tune for a very exciting match.

    This video was added several days before, but since then Serena has now become a new G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, and just want to congratulate her, and welcome her to the family.

December 2007

November 2007

  • November 30, 2007: Kyoko Kimura vs MsChif

    Here is a matchup beween one of the top stars in Japan, against one of the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls in a match at Wrestle Expo 2006.

  • November 23, 2007: Mickie James vs Melina · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Here is a recent match between Mickie and Melina that was shown on Heat. A very good match, as it always is between these two. Who will take the win? I'll never kiss and tell.

  • November 16, 2007: April Hunter vs Nikki Roxx

    An early matchup between April Hunter and Nikki Roxx. Although the video seems to be edited, with deleted scenes, it is still a great match. Who will walk away with the victory?

  • November 09, 2007: Daizee Haze vs Sumie Sakai

    Here is a very exciting match between Daizee and Sumie. Many high risk manuevers as well with some power ones. Who will take this match?

  • November 02, 2007: Sean South vs Alex Breslin vs Georgie Mac

    In this intergender three way, Alex Breslin takes on two guys, in what seemed to be the longest time a 2 on 1. Find out, who took the win in this hard fought match between these 3 competitors.

October 2007

  • October 26, 2007: Traci Brooks and ANGEL Williams vs Christi Ricci and ODB · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Here is an WEW tag team match in a tag team tournament. This tournament was with Tag Teams that were put together at random, so some teammates, may not get along with others.

  • October 19, 2007: Amazing Kong vs Gail Kim · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Here is a matchup between the Amazing Kong and Gail Kim that was also witness by a few G.L.O.R.Y. Girls as well.

  • October 12, 2007: Violet Flame vs Nikita · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Here is a matchup between two fan favorites, Violet Flame from the USA and Nikita from the United Kingdom. Good matchup, who will take the victory.

  • October 05, 2007: Yoshiko Tamura vs Vanessa Kraven

    Vanessa travels to the Land of the Rising Sun, to encounter this hard fought wrestling match. Many power moves, and great wrestling action.

September 2007

  • September 28, 2007: Cherry vs Katie Lea

    Another OVW matchup, which shows Cherry, aka Miss Kara Slice, being forced down to the ring by Duece and Domino, to take on Katie Lea, aka Nikita, shortly after she won the Women's Championship from Beth Phoenix in the exciting ladder match.

  • September 21, 2007: Melody vs ODB/Katie Lea Commentating

    Last week we saw ODB and Katie Lea wrestling for the OVW championship, when Melody jumped into the ring, leading to this week's matchup.

  • September 14, 2007: Katie Lea vs ODB

    Here is a battle between Katie Lea aka Nikita, taking on ODB for the OVW Women's Championship.

  • September 07, 2007: VJ Love vs Tracy Brooks · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    VJ Love, aka Valentina takes on Tracy Brooks in this early TNA matchup. Sometimes a ref's job is so tough, as you will see later in the video.

August 2007

  • August 31, 2007: Francine vs So Cal Val · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    This match is form the General Manager position with WEW and also has a very unusual stipulation.

  • August 24, 2007: April Hunter vs Miss Kara Slice

    A hard hitting matchup, that sees both ladies exhange chops, blows, and holds, with one of the ladies hitting her finisher for the win, and the ladies championship belt.

  • August 17, 2007: Tanya Lee vs Nikki Roxx

    A hard fought matchup between Tanya Lee and Nikki Roxx, and they exchange blows. Even the ref gets taken out a couple time during this fight. Who will come out the victor in this hardcore matchup.

  • August 10, 2007: Alexis Laree vs Mace w/ Allison Danger · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    An intergender matchup between Alexis Laree, and Mace with a surprise ending with Allison Danger.

  • August 03, 2007: The Jawbreakers vs The PPF

    Shortly after winning the EWA's men's tag team belts, the Jawbreakers, Kylie Pierce and Fate, take on a masked female(?) wrestling team, The PPF, for the coveted tag team title. Who will take the victory, and a surprise at the end.

July 2007

  • July 27, 2007: Fate w/Kylie Pierce vs Kaydin Kayge

    EWA matchup with 1/2 of the Jawbreakers Fate, accompanied to the ring by her partner Kylie Pierce, and Marcus Dowling take on Kaydin Kage who is accompanied by Damien Ryder. Will Kaydin come out with the win, will Fate, and will Kylie do what it takes for her partner to win? Hard hitting action from 2006.

  • July 20, 2007: Hikaru vs Cheerleader Melissa

    Battling in Tokyo Japan, EWA champion Hikaru puts up her belt against Cheerleader Melissa. Although, Melissa is one tough lady, who doesn't need anybody's help, she had plenty of help from other Japanese wrestlers, both male and female, Steve Corino, and Panther Claw. Was this enough for Melissa to become the new women's champion, or will Hikaru be able to overcome the odds. Very exciting match, done in Japanese.

  • July 13, 2007: Katie Lea vs Beth Phoenix · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    A historic first for the OVW, as they have their first ladies' ladder match between Katie Lea aka Nikita, taking on former G.L.O.R.Y. Champion Beth Phoenix, as they put title against title, with the winner being the unified Ladies' Champion.

  • July 06, 2007: Sara Del Ray vs Ernie Osiris

    It seems Sara has been having some trouble with Daizee Haze as of late, so to prove her point, she said she would defeat any wrestler they throw at her, even if it is a male. Can Sara, live up to her words, or will Daizee cause a distraction for Sara?

June 2007

  • June 29, 2007: Allison Danger vs Lacey

    This Sunday, Shimmer is coming to Inverness, Florida, where yours truly will be attending, and two ladies that I want to see perform, are squaring it out in this week's video. Two top stars, who will come out with the victory?

  • June 22, 2007: Angel Williams vs Beth Phoenix · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    A very exciting secong round match in a WXW tournament, that also features several other G.L.O.R.Y Girls coming down to the ring. Who will advance to the next round to face the April Hunter-Sarah Stock winner. Thanks to A and R Wrestling for sending this link in.

  • June 15, 2007: Luna Vachon vs Traci Brooks

    We have the legendary Luna Vachon taking on Traci for the GLCW Women's championship, a match that sees a lot of action, outside fo the ring.

  • June 08, 2007: Wesna vs April Hunter

    One of the best wrestlers from Germany vs one of the best wrestlers from the United States. Shot by a fan at ringside, there is plenty of action for everybody. Who will win this battle of the superstars.

  • June 01, 2007: Portia Perez and "The Professional" Ben Sailer vs "Playboy" Pete Huge and Ann-Thraxx

    An intergender tag team match up that goes back and forth and a possiblity of seeing somebody getting their hair cut. I do have one question to ask the announcer on here, kind of a Carmen San Diego question, but where in the world is Ca-na-di-a?

May 2007

  • May 25, 2007: Nattie Neihart vs Krissy Vaine and an appearance by Angel Williams · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Welcome to the second season of the Video of the week, with a very special video

    Here is an outstanding match between Nattie and Krissy who is the General Manager at Deep South Wrestling. Angel Williams who has had her troubles with Krissy in the previous weeks, will be a factor in the match, but who will win? This is one match that shows that beautiful women can wrestle.

  • May 18, 2007: Women's Battle Royale · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    What started off as a tag match between Cherry Bomb and Krystal Banks vs Sapphire and Addy Starr, turns into a battle royale, after Amy Victory interrupts the match and demands a battle royale, to be joined by Aurora and She Nay Nay. Who will come out the victore?

  • May 11, 2007: Sapphire vs Portia Perez · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    A PWA elite 8 match between Sapphire and many a fan on G.L.O.R.Y.'S heart throb, Portia Perez. The match ends with a unique finisher, a modified move on the unprettier. Who will take the match.

  • May 04, 2007: Nikita vs Violet Flame · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Here is a match between a brand new Nikita vs Violet Flame in 2000. A partial but good match.

April 2007

  • April 27, 2007: Gail Kim vs Jackie Moore · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Here is a TNA cage match between Gail Kim vs Jackie Moore with an exciting finish to the match.

  • April 20, 2007: LuFisto vs Juggulator · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    ****This video is rated PG-13 for the violence and lanquage.****

    Here is a very exciting hardcore matchup between LuFisto and Juggulator. It is a very bloody match that might not be for everybody, but is shows LuFisto at her best. Also the lanquage from the announcers is very course, which is why the match is PG-13 as well. Who will come out the victor?

  • April 13, 2007: The Jawbreakers vs Angela and Candie

    Kylie Pierce and Fate, the Jawbreakers take on Angela and Candie in exciting MCW action.

  • April 06, 2007: Liz Savage and Brian Anthony Vs Miss Deville and Nick Nilsen

    Here is a mixed match featuring two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, who will be heading down to Mexico soon. Who will take this match?

March 2007

  • March 30, 2007: Tina $ Ashley vs Hollywood & Vine

    Yes fans, here is some action from G.L.O.W. that features a match with our very own Hollywood. This was from there pilot show, and if you look very closely you will also see a former WWE Women's Champion. Which team will wind up victorious?

  • March 23, 2007: Sybil Starr vs Jayson Quick

    Here is the first in ring match for Sybil Starr. Will she be undefeated after this match?

  • March 16, 2007: Gina Marie vs Amy Love · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    No, this is not a repeat of last weeks match, but a rematch between the two ladies. Will Amy take a second straight match from Amy, or will Gina find a way to pull it out?

  • March 09, 2007: Gina Marie vs Amy Love · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    A very hard and excellent match between these two ladies, as they litterally fight each other tooth and nail. Who will come out the victor in this hard fought match.

  • March 02, 2007: Shantelle Taylor vs Angel Williams · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    The video opens up with Krissy Vaine, talking to three divas, and her plans for Angel Williams. When questioned what she has in plan for Angel, she hushes up. Shantelle Taylor then takes on the Queen Diva Angel Williams in a hard fought match, that was witnessed by the three divas in Krissy's office. Who will take the win in the battle of Toronto wrestlers.

February 2007

  • February 23, 2007: Tanya Lee vs Nikki Roxx

    A hardcore battle between two of the toughest ladies today. Who will take the beating, Nikki, Tanya, or will it be somebody else. Hard fought match all the way.

  • February 16, 2007: Felina (Gail Kim) vs Tracy Brooks · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Here is an early WXW match before Gail was in WWE and TNA, and before Traci was in the TNA. Good match, however the announcers are calling the action before it happens.

  • February 09, 2007: Kayla Sparks and Alexa Thatcher vs Melissa Stripes and Alicia

    An exciting tag team matchup, between four of the toughest ladies in Indy wrestling today.

  • February 02, 2007: Violet Flame vs Riptide · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Here is a match in the United Kingdom between Violet Flame and Riptide, held in 2000. A good match between two great ladies. Who will take this battle?

January 2007

  • January 26, 2007: Aurora vs Hornet vs Beef Wellington

    An exciting three way Intergender matchup, watch as Aurora, takes on two men in Strangehold Wrestling. Don't want to give away the ending, but wait until you see the submission hold she puts on Hornet. Who will win this matchup?

  • January 26, 2007: Aurora vs Hornet vs Beef Wellington

    An exciting three way Intergender matchup, watch as Aurora, takes on two men in Strangehold Wrestling. Don't want to give away the ending, but wait until you see the submission hold she puts on Hornet. Who will win this matchup?

  • January 19, 2007: Angela vs Kylie Pierce

    A wrestling match taken place in Ft. Mead, Maryland, as we see Angela taking on Kylie. Both ladies have excellent moves, and to show the toughness of these ladies, Kylie is wrestling with a broken jaw. Which lady will come out victorious.

  • January 12, 2007: Aaron Stride vs Jana · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    An IWF intergender battle as Jana takes on one of the Ross Family members, Aaron Stride. After the match, the winner kicks the loser out of the ring. Who will get the victory?

  • January 05, 2007: Cindy Rogers vs Alere Little Feather.

    Happy New Year Everybody, as we kick off the year right with a match between two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls of the month. This is a tournament of WWWA's number one contender for the women's title. Who will come out with the victory.

December 2006

  • December 29, 2006: Sumie Sakai vs Kylie Pierce

    Here is a very good EWA matchup between Sumie Sakai and Kylie Pierce, that happened earlier this month. Not to take away from the match, but catch Wrestling Wally at ringside, taking pictures of the match.

  • December 22, 2006: Fatal Four Way Trish vs Lita vs Victoria vs Gail Kim · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Here is a WWE female four way which features G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Gail Kim. The winner of this match was to face Molly Holly for the championship.

  • December 15, 2006: Alere Little Feather vs Cha-Cha

    Here is a match for a spot for the number one contendership tournament for the WWW Championship.

  • December 08, 2006: Kylie Pierce vs Dr X

    Last week, Kylie was left high and dry by her partner, April Hunter. This week, she is escorted to the ring by her partner Fate, and she is engaged in a hard fought intergender matchup with Dr. X. Watch for a very unique submission manuever, and the loser gets pummelled at the end of the match. Who will walk away with the victory.

  • December 01, 2006: April Hunter & Kylie Pierce vs Candie & Angela

    It is the battle of the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls vs the former G.L.O.R.Y. Girls as April and Kylie take on Candie and Angela. Hard fought action, as one girl shines with her acrobatic moves, a suprise for one of the contestants at the end, and one of the ladies, will perform her patented finishing manuever. Who will be the winning tag team.

November 2006

  • November 24, 2006: Kayla Sparks vs Melissa Stripes

    This is a match that was introduced by Kayla herself on the messageboard, but an excellent match between two seasoned pros, even though Kayla turned 18 on the day of the match. Good wrestling, going back and forth, who will pull out the victory?

  • November 17, 2006: Alere Little Feather vs Angel Williams w/Luscious Lily aka Missy Sampson

    Alere and Lily have words at the beginning, about accepting a women's title match anytime and anywhere, when Angel Williams enters the ring, as she puts up her OSPW Women's Champion on the line. Who will walk away the champion? Thanks to Chris Halen for putting this link up.

  • November 10, 2006: Amber O'Neal & Heather Owens vs Neveah & Hellena Heavenly

    Another great matchup that features, two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, Amber and Hellena, on opposite sides. A very surprise ending, that helps one side to get the victory.

  • November 03, 2006: Alexis Laree vs DD Venturi

    Today's top rated WWE Women' superstar vs one of the toughest ladies in the sport today, in WEW action. Very physical match, who will come out the victor.

October 2006

  • October 27, 2006: Portia Perez vs Jade vs Jennidee

    A very good match with a very interesting test of strength, at the beginning of the match. Hard fought action from all three ladies, who will come out the ultimate victor?

  • October 20, 2006: Shane Matthews w/The Terrorist vs Crystal White. · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    This is a championship match, although not sure which title it is, but can Crystal overcome the odds of two men to defeat Shane.

  • October 13, 2006: Hellena Heavenly & Neveah vs A.J. Sparx & Heather Owens

    An HWA women's tag team match featuring G.L.O.R.Y.'S own Hellena Heavenly. Great action from all four women, which tag team will be able to come away with the win.

  • October 06, 2006: Lexi Lane vs Traci Brooks

    A very hard match, but fun, as both ladies take liberties with the referee. Who will get the pin at the end?

September 2006

  • September 29, 2006: Amber O'Neal & Donnie Dollars vs GeeStar and Matty Dee

    An exciting tag team match that profiles the skills of both ladies. Who will take the win?

  • September 22, 2006: Jazzy Bi vs Blue Nikita

    A great European matchup between Jazzy Bi, and our very own Blue Nikita. Some power moves and excellent action by both contestants. Who will pick up this hard fought victory.

  • September 15, 2006: Mackie Schrody & Barbie vs Lenn Oddity & Miss Montgomery. · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    A Slam Action Video Mixed Match featuring two of our G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Ladies, Barbie and Miss Montgomery.

  • September 08, 2006: Madison vs Nixxon

    This is a hardcore match, and the match is already in progress when we enter. Neither lady appears to like each other, as Madison take on her number one nemesis Nixxon in action down in Austraila. I want to thank the fan who found this for us, and emailed it to JTW. A great ending to this hardcore matchup.

  • September 01, 2006: Jana vs Aaron Stride · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    An intergender matchup from IWF Irruption. Will Jana be able to take the big man down, in this hard action matchup.

August 2006

  • August 25, 2006: Krissy Vaine vs Cindy Rogers · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    From Slammin Ladies, and Miss Lexie Fyfe, we have an excluscive just for the G.L.O.R.Y. Fans. Today we have Krissy Vaine taking on Cindy Rogers, which would be a main event match in many federations. Although there is no crowd there, doesn't stop these two ladies from putting on a first rate match, as the action goes back and forth. Which one of these two ladies will pull off the victory? For best results, make sure to right click on the picture and save target as. Once again thanks to Lexie and Slammin Ladies for a very good video.

  • August 18, 2006: Kayla vs DeVille vs Barbie

    A triple threat match between Kayla, DeVille, and Barbie, at a World of Hurt Match July 22, 2005.

  • August 11, 2006: Kayla Sparks vs Nikki Roxx · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    From the good folks of New England Championship Wrestling Television (NECW), we bring you an entire wrestling show, that is kicked off with an exciting match between Nikki Roxx defending her NECW Women's Tilte against the teen age sensation Kayla Sparks. A match that goes back and forth, who will walk out of the ring as the NECW Women's Champion?

  • August 04, 2006: April Hunter vs Lacey

    Here is a WEW matchup between the beautiful April Hunter, and the Lovely Lacey. A very good match, with close to 10 minutes of action. Which of these two superstars will prevail.

July 2006

  • July 28, 2006: Crystal White vs Seth · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Tonight we have a mixed match as the lovely Crystal White takes on a male wrestler named Seth. Watch for a text book snap suplex.

  • July 21, 2006: Brain Anthony w/Liz Savage vs Matt Turner w/Destiny

    We don't have the full match, but we have a scene where a manager shows concern for her guy's opponent, and how the other manager responded to it. Short, but a great clip.

  • July 14, 2006: 21st Century Fox vs Cherry Bomb

    A very good matchup between two very popular ladies, in which the loser will take the lose very hard. Who will come out the victor?

  • July 07, 2006: Gail Kim vs Traci Brooks · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Last week we saw La Felina (Gail Kim) take on April Hunter to advance to the third round to take on Traci Brooks. Which lady will get the decision to move on to the championship match.

June 2006

  • June 30, 2006: Gail Kim vs April Hunter · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Our friends at WXW held an Elite8 tournament in 2002 between La Felina (Gail Kim)vs April Hunter in a very exciting second round match. The winner will face next week's opponent in the semi final in the Elite 8 championship.

  • June 23, 2006: Ivory vs Rebecca Knox

    A championship match with Rebecca Knox, Supergirl champion putting her championship on the line against former WWE wrestler, Ivory. We join the match in the last few moments, of a very tough match.

  • June 16, 2006: Portia Perez Vs LuFisto · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Portia Perez a newcomer here on G.L.O.R.Y. takes on one of the first ladies on G.L.O.R.Y., LuFisto. Will the Queen of Hardcore give this newcomer the beating of a lifetime, or will Portia, show this veteran that she is capable of holding her own in the ring.

  • June 09, 2006: Beth Phoenix vs Trinity · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Talk about a main event for G.L.O.R.Y. with two of the most powerful ladies today. This match goes back and forth, with a very incredible ending, that will be talked about. So welcome to everybody, and welcome back PWO, as this is a match for the ages.

  • June 02, 2006: Mercedes Martinez vs Sumie Sakai vs Alere Little Feather

    Tonight's G.L.O.R.Y. Main Event features two of the most dangerous ladies pound for pound, Sumie Sakai, and Alere Little Feather against the very dangerous Merecedes Martinez. Who will come out on top of this match?

May 2006

  • May 26, 2006: Fire vs Christie Ricci · · · DEAD VIDEO!

    Welcome G.L.O.R.Y. Fans to the very first Video of the Week. As you know across the nation there are many state rivalries. There is Texas vs Oklahoma, Michigan vs Ohio, Georgia vs Florida, but one of the biggest rivalries is between Louisiana and Mississippi. Today's feature has a Louisiana vs Mississippi, as we have Fire from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, taking on the Mississippi Queen, Christie Ricci, who is introduced as being from Nashville, Tennessee in the video. And now our featured G.L.O.R.Y. Main Event.

  • May 26, 2006: test · · · DEAD VIDEO!


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