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Arabian Nights

That's none other than Lady Vendetta behind the veil. The long-time G.L.O.R.Y. Girl worked with New Focus Wrestling in Evansville, Indiana, this past Saturday night and came to the ring dressed as a harem girl when she interfered with a Texas Bull-Whip Match between self-proclaimed Arabian Prince T.J. Uschmangatta and Big Al. Why? Well, it seems that T.J. and Vendetta have been feuding about women's rights: she says that women are fully capable of competing inside the wrestling ring while he says that women are simply good for belly dancing and feeding him candied figs! After Vendetta ran into the ring to distract him...causing T.J. to lose the match...she proceeded to challenge him to an end-of-year battle at the Metro Sports Center. In a "Clean The House" weapons match, fans have been asked to bring anything they can think of that they would use to clean their house. Brooms, mops, dustpans, scrub brushes...anything. Lady Vendetta has made a special request to her fans: bring plenty of Lysol for her to use on T.J.!

By the way, we can't really blame T.J. for losing because, quite frankly, who wouldn't be distracted seeing Lady Vendetta belly dancing her way to the ring?!