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Vendetta Keeps The Belt

Long-time G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Lady Vendetta stepped into the ring to face Alexis Luv in a USCW Women's Title match in McLeansboro, Illinois, last weekend. Could the veteran wrestler defend her belt against the bigger challenger? In a match that had the crowd on their feet and screaming from the opening bell, Vendetta managed to come away with the victory to keep her title. The hard-fought, twenty minute bout ended with Vendetta giving Luv a nasty DDT, dragging her up off the mat by her hair, and then administering yet another DDT before flipping the devastated challenger over for the pin. Somehow, we get the feeling that the first DDT did the job...but leave it to this rough and nasty G.L.O.R.Y. Girl to dish out more punishment than necessary just for the fun of it!

Vendetta and Alexis Luv will be meeting up in the ring once again on December 4th for Heartland Championship Wrestling in Grand Chain, Illinois.

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