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Lady Amazon's Loyalty

When G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Lady Amazon attended the recent SWF event in Tullahoma, Tennessee, she intended to simply take in some wrestling matches and meet with a few buddies...especially her old friend, Gypsy Joe. Little did she know that she would be drawn into the ring before the evening came to an end!

But when Gypsy Joe got involved in the SWF affairs of Yukon Jack, he soon found himself being attacked right there in the middle of the ring. While most of the crowd sat stunned at the brutal strapping that Joe was enduring, it was Lady Amazon who stormed into the ring to protect her dear friend...laying on top of his body and absorbing the stinging whips herself. When the other wrestlers realized what was happening in the ring they rushed from the locker room to help in the save. But it was the amazonian G.L.O.R.Y. Girl who really saved the day in Gypsy Joe's moment of greatest need.

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