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Long-Time Pen Pals Meet. Or..."My Lunch With Violet"

Today's POD pics and write-up come to us courtesy of G.L.O.R.Y. fan Dave G. As you can see by his commentary, many of the girls on the G.L.O.R.Y. roster are not only fantastic wrestlers...they're great people outside the ring, too! Take it away, Dave...

Violet Flame and I have been e-mail pen pals for several years now. I've never gotten to see her wrestle, but we have two important common bonds: we both have family in Buffalo, New York, and we're both huge Simpsons marks.

She and her husband live in Carefree, Arizona, where they own a restaurant called Saguaro Grille. This past December, I was visiting some cousins of mine who live in Phoenix and since I was in the neighborhood, I had to meet her.

Violet's pictures on the web are cute, but in person, she's gorgeous. Beautiful smile and a very sweet person. We talked about everything from The Simpsons to wrestling to...well, The Simpsons and wrestling pretty much covers it all. She doesn't get to do too many shows, but she might try to latch onto something in Mexico. (She hopes Konan is reading this!) Strangely enough, she and her husband were leaving balmy Phoenix to visit family in Buffalo for Christmas. See, we did talk about more than The Simpsons and wrestling!

As for the restaurant, Homer Simpson gave it his worst review ever: 7 thumbs up! Personally, I give it 10 thumbs up. Had the breakfast fajita for lunch, which was close to dinner time back east where I live. It's a really cool Southwestern style cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. With a manager who can body slam her customers. No, she didn't body slam me, not after I had eaten a breakfast fajita.

If you're visiting the Phoenix or Carefree area, you definitely have to make a stop at the Saguaro Grille. Here's a link to the restaurant's website: http://www.saguarogrille.com/. Pretty cool music.

It was a real pleasure finally getting to meet Violet Flame. Hopefully, we'll get to see her back in the ring in the not too distant future.

I need two more words to complete my review. I was going to end it with "Screw Flanders", but Violet suggested I end it with "Bon Appetite!"

Dave G.

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Dave G.