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Meet The F.L.O.Y.D. Girls!

With the release of the latest Women's Superstars Uncensored events on DVD, the folks at WSU have brought back the Rock N' Wrestling connection. Except this time, the connection isn't between the grapplers and 80's pop sensation Cyndi Lauper. This time, it's a melding of the rough and rowdy WSU ladies and rock icons Pink Floyd. Does this mean that the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls who competed at these shows can now be considered F.L.O.Y.D. Girls?!

The DVD cover above pays tribute to Floyd's classic album Dark Side Of The Moon. One of my favorites! In fact, I've got it in my DVD drive right now. Hey...there goes all the alarm clocks! The show, appropriately titled Us And Them, is being released today. Below, Floyd and WSU combine for Another Brick In The Wall, which is also being released today.

Both of these great shows can be purchased online at the WSU site. Use this direct link to get your copies today.

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