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April's OCW Cage Match...In Her Own Words

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl April Hunter takes over today's POD with her own account of what happened as she managed her man, JD Michaels, in a cage match at last weekend's OCW event...

OCW in Kentucky had their last show until September this past weekend and it was awesome. I managed JD Michaels vs. Mason Raige (apparently you CAN "cage the raige") in a steel cage match that was amazing.

Hands on, until I was locked out. Mason ripped my damn $12 stockings, too...that's three whole gallons of gas these days!...when he threw his vest at me. But I got him later by slamming the cage door on his head. ; )

The end saw a very big whoops, though, when I "powdered" the ring. Mason ducked and I got the wrong guy. My bad. Needless to say, Mason climbed out of the cage faster--since he wasn't blinded--and I spent the rest of the night cleaning powder off JD and apologizing. Sigh.

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