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Classic Wally

We've been seeing so much of Wrestlin' Wally's great action photos here on the G.L.O.R.Y. site over the last few years that it's easy to forget Wally only started taking his camera to shows back in late-2004. Since then, we've been treated to thousands and thousands and thousands of shots of the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls in action from Double-W. Matches that we might not otherwise have been able to witness. Thanks, Wally!

Today, we decided to go back and show you a couple of pictures from one of the first matches that Wally shot featuring a couple of our G.L.O.R.Y. Girls. The match--which took place in November of 2004 in Richmond, Virginia--featured Lexie Fyfe taking on Eva Destruction for UCW.

As you can see here, Lexie was in big trouble early as she got caught on the mat under the bigger Eva. Not the place you want to find yourself when taking on a larger and more powerful opponent! And having her shin planted across your throat only makes matters worse...

Wrestlin' Wally

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Classic Wally II

One thing Wally knew right from the beginning was that no matter what is happening in the ring, keep on snapping away. You never know when the tide might turn. And it turned in this match when Lexie realized that she had to get to her feet and out-maneuver her opponent with some high-flying tactics. Here, Wally captures the action at the split second that Fyfe turned the match around...nailing Destruction with this perfectly executed crossbody block to take the surprised girl off her feet.

If you're a long-time G.L.O.R.Y. fan, we're sure you are familiar with Wally's photo gallery and you have it prominently featured in your browser's bookmarks. If you are a newer fan, you should head over to Wrestlin' Wally's Wide World of Women's Wrestling gallery now. RIGHT NOW!

Wrestlin' Wally