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Roxie's Comeuppance

When Roxie Cotton faced fellow G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Jana in WSU's opening match December 22nd, she found herself in the painful predicament that you see here...legs folded up, chin locked up tightly and her neck and back being stretched to the limit. And Jana seems to be pouring it on even harder, almost enjoying the pain she's inflicting on the California blonde. But Roxie has nobody to blame but herself for the situation she finds herself in. Only seconds earlier, Cotton was in control of the match. But when she had the upper-hand, she resorted to cheating as she took the low road and dug into Jana's lovely throat with this vicious choke (below). So who should Roxie blame for the pain she's suffering through now? We'd have to say that she can blame herself!

Robert Payes/Stiff Shots

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Robert Payes/Stiff Shots

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