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A Study In Contrasts

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl LuFisto shows off her playful side today as she poses in one of her many anime-style wrestling outfits. She certainly looks cute enough...but those of us who have gotten to know "The Anime Warrior" know that she has quite another side. A side that is far less cute and playful...

WARNING! If you are squeamish at the sight of blood, DO NOT scroll down for the second half of today's POD!

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The Hardcore Side Of LuFisto

Hard to believe that this is the same cute and playful anime-themed lady that we saw just a second ago. But that's LuFisto: a study in contrasts. One minute she's a smiling, happy-go-lucky blonde beauty dressed like a Japanese superhero. The next, she's a blood-soaked battler who puts her body on the line in intergender clashes that involve wrestling amongst and with thumbtacks, folding chairs, steel chains and florescent light tubes!

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