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Roles Reversed!

Usually we see the tough and technical Cindy Rogers applying this type of hold on an opponent...and reveling at the pain she's inflicting upon them. But the roles were reversed earlier this month when Cindy took on Fate in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania for Tiffani Monroe's PWE. This time it's Rogers who is racked with pain as her legs are folded-up, her arms are stretched and her body is surfed by her violent blonde opponent.

Wrestlin' Wally

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The Shoe...Uh, We Mean Boot...Is On The Other Foot

This is the type of picture we've come to expect from Wrestlin' Wally: snapped right at the moment of heightened action, point of impact and intense pain. Except, once again, Cindy is on the wrong side of the abuse! Usually it's the lean and violent brunette who is smashing a boot into the face and body of her opponent. But this time Rogers is the one taking a shot "flush to the mush" as Fate nails her with a jaw-shattering high kick. From the look on Cindy's face, we'd bet that she slept with her right cheek facing the pillow the night of this battle!

More action from this match at Wrestlin' Wally's place.

Wrestlin' Wally

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