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One side of the issue...

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Deanna Conda finds herself in trouble as she gets viciously attacked by the manager of her opponent at the conclusion of this match. After taking a chair shot to the skull, Deanna continues to take punishment as this guy goes wild with a flurry of fists to her forehead.

Emanuel Melo

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...and the other side!

But before you start feeling sorry for Ms. Conda, take a look at what she's capable of doing herself. During this match with Sybil Starr, Deanna proves that she's no angel herself as she brutally strangles the smaller strawberry blonde against the ring ropes while she casually argues with the referee. Victim or victimizer? Deanna Conda has been on both sides!

Check out all the latest happenings with Deanna Conda and her wrestling career at her MySpace page.

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