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Crushed Ribs...

Yesterday we saw G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Jessica "ODB" Dalton and Katie "Nikita" Lea ripping into each other's hair during their September OVW match in Owensboro, Kentucky. But don't get the impression that this was some kind of catfight roll-around. No way! These two ladies punished each other's body while showing amazing wrestling skills. Here we see Nikita with some big time suffering as she's crushed in a powerful ODB body scissors. The brunette screams in agony as her opponent's muscular legs do their job in this rib-crushing maneuver.

Brian Gaddis

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...Flying Bodies!

Luckily for Nikita she was able to pry herself free from that body crunching scissor lock...and then it was time for her to go on the attack. The British-born beauty took to the sky with an aerial assault on Dalton, culminating with this perfectly executed tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown.

Click here to see more of Brian Gaddis' great photography from this OVW match!

Brian Gaddis

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