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Arrogance To The Max!

We know that G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Danyah is an accomplished wrestler. But we also know that she can get carried away in the ring at times...toying with opponents as a way of showing off and playing to the crowd. Never was it more evident than during this August 31st CWR women's tournament in Woodbridge, Ontario. That's a cornered Becky Bayless who is feeling the crush of Danyah's boot to her throat. We know you've seen this maneuver before, but that top rope is always grabbed tightly for balance. Here, Danyah not only buries that boot into Becky's windpipe...she also takes the time to arrogantly pose and showboat for the ringside spectators!

Mrs. Id

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The Choking Continues...

When Danyah grew tired of showing-off for the crowd, she simply went into punishment mode. Nothing fancy here. Danyah just straddles the overmatched Bayless and works the windpipe with both hands. Becky's screams of agony don't seem to be convincing her attacker to loosen her grip. Luckily, the referee came to the aid of the battered brunette before she passed out from lack of oxygen. But in the end, it was Danyah who earned the victory and moved to the next round of the tournament.

You can see a lot more of the CWR action captured by Mrs. Id's camera at her photo gallery on the Ontario Wrestling's Indy Elite site. Click that link...it's well worth the visit!

Mrs. Id

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