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Camel Clutch Pain!

Veteran wrestler Gail Kim--also known as G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Felina--had a surprisingly tough time in her match last week in New Jersey against rookie Alexa Thatcher. The youngster was no push-over...in fact, she dished out plenty of punishment to the more-experienced Kim. If you think we're lying, take a look as Gail suffers in this back-stretching camel clutch. The vicious Thatcher makes it all the more agonizing by grabbing two hands full of hair and pulling back hard.

Ed Darcey

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Gail Kim: A Real Beauty

That pain on the Korean/Canadian beauty's face in our first picture was nowhere to be found when the sexy and athletic brunette entered the ring to start the match. Talk about a gorgeous grappler!

Ed Darcey

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