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Innocent Little ChCha?

That innocent "What? I'm doing something wrong?"-look on ChaCha's face during this recent ACPW match isn't fooling us. We think the G.L.O.R.Y. Girl knows exactly what she's doing as she viciously chokes-out this unidentified opponent! Along with a foot pinned directly into the back of her victim's neck, The Chachster looks to have either an illegal weapon--a rope perhaps?--or a long braid of the suffering girl's own hair wrapped around the throat. And ChaCha doesn't seem to be concerned at all about the pain she's dishing out. In fact, she seems oblivious to the sounds of her screaming and suffering victim!

Since coming to G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling, ChaCha has become a regular on the JAPW roster as part of their dominant faction, "The D Factor". The Cuban-American wrestler has also started working regularly for WWW up in the Boston area. Despite the questionable tactics we see her using in today's POD, it's apparent that ChaCha's wrestling prowess is catching the attention of promoters across the Northeast. Wrestling fans can expect to see a lot more from this lady in the coming months!

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