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She's cocky. She's arrogant. She's egotistical. But she's oh-so-sexy! Vanity has been working the ringsides of Mid-South wrestling arenas since she was sixteen years old. The self-proclaimed Ring Goddess is working towards her ultimate goal of becoming a WWE Diva...and she'll cheat, trash talk or do whatever else she has to do to reach that goal! Vanity Vanity's
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Vanity: wrestling manager, fitness model, dancer...and more!

Vanity is a well-known face in the modeling world.

It's obvious that Vanity loves to workout!

Vanity poses with The Mouth Of The South, Jimmy Hart.

Vanity has done numerous fashion shoots...and it's easy to see why she's in such demand!

One of Vanity's nicknames is "Miss Body-Beautiful"!


Vanity's Profile...

  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Weight: 117
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: Medium brown
  • Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee (USA)

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  • Years In Wrestling: -354 months

  • How It Started: Being from Memphis, being a wrestling fanatic comes with the territory. I have loved wrestling every since I was a little girl because of my grandfather's love for it. We watched it together. I attended a lot of wrestling shows every weekend. Many great wrestlers come through Memphis and it is an honor to have seen some of them before they were the big stars of today. I got interested by just going to shows, watching the WWE, and collecting wrestling magazines as a child. My mother use to always wonder why was a little girl so interested in wrestling. She couldn't understand it. I was a freshmen in high school when classmates of mine found out I was really into wrestling and I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to be like my all time favorite manager Sunny. I thought she was the greatest thing in the WWE growing up. Well, the classmates (who are guys by the way) were training to be wrestlers at a wrestling school owned by a local promoter. They liked my eagerness and my passion for it (especially with me being a girl) and they took me to train with them. I have been involved in wrestling every since and I love every minute that I am out there. I recently have been traing to be a wrestler. I want to be a female version of Rob Van Dam...with a feminine edge!
  • Gimmick: The self-proclaimed "Ring Goddess". The woman people love to hate. I mean...she is Vanity! Egotistical and arrogant, but she gets the job done. She will cheat to get a win for her team and doesn't care what anybody thinks about it. Vanity kicks butt, talks trash and looks great doing it. Everybody knows how awesome this "Ring Goddess" is...but they just don't want to admit it!
  • Gear/Outfit/Costume: I like to keep it sexy. One of my nicknames is Miss Body-Beautiful and I like to show them the reason why. (A "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" type of!) I love form-fitting, two piece outfits. I always wear sexy 4 to 5 inch heels. The sexier the better!
  • Manager Of: Carnage Antwoin; The Devil's Rejects.
  • Have Managed: Carnage Antwoin; Power and Speed; The Devil's Rejects; Reggie B. Fine; Viscera.
  • Biggest Allies: The Devil's Rejects.
  • Most Hated Enemies: Anbody on the opposite side of that ring or anybody who beats us. They probably cheated anyway if they did win.
  • Career Highlight: Being on Jerry Lawler's promotion/TV show "Memphis Wrestling"...a show I dreamed of being on ever since I was a little kid. And being a valet for a Viscera vs. Snitsky match during a RAW live event for the WWE! That was one of the biggest highs of my life!
  • Favorite Wrestlers: My all-time favorite is Shawn Michaels. But I am also a Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam fan.
  • Wrestling Ambition: I want to be a DIVA in the WWE! A woman who people can look at and be like: "Wow, she really loves what she is doing and she is good at it. She is the total package: beauty, brains and brawn!"

Vanity's Personal Notes...

    I am a huge sports fan and a Sports Management major.....Besides my goal of being a WWE Diva, another goal is to get a Masters degree in business.....I am a trained ballet dancer with an extensive background in other styles of dance. I danced from kindergarten to senior year in high school.....I worked for the WWE's short-lived football team, "The Memphis Maniax".....I am a model and I have done a lot of local commercials for clothing stores.....I am also focusing on fitness modeling now.....I love all styles of music, especially rock music! My favorite rocker is Pat Benatar. I also listen to Prince, Queen and Guns And Roses.....Some of my favorite movies are Fame, Flashdance, Sixteen Candles, The Last Dragon, The Goonies and City Of God.....I love working out!.....I'm a rollerblader.....I enjoy traveling and another enjoyment of mine: designing clothes!..... I am really the opposite of the character I portray. She is snobby and arrogant. I am more cool, calm and collected...and sometimes even a little timid depending on my surroundings.....I am also an only child and an only grandchild.....I know the alphabet in sign language.....I have a collection of wrestling magazines.....I have a weakness for all flavors of ice cream!.....My favorite color is blue.....My ultimate goal is to be a well-rounded, successful young woman who is admired by many and who stays true to her self.

    "You can't be the world to everybody, but to somebody you are the world!"

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