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Tracy Richards
G.L.O.R.Y. Legend Of The Ring

Tracy Richards broke into the wrestling business in the mid-70s...and she's still going strong! Although she doesn't wrestle nearly as much as she used to, she still actively manages her husband "Redneck" Bubba Kirk. And when Ms. Richards is that close to a ring--even acting in a management capacity--she finds ways to get involved. This fiery veteran and ring legend still climbs through the ropes to do battle on those occassions when she wants to prove a point (or when an old nemesis happens to be traveling through her area). Semi-retired or not, Tracy Richards remains a tough grappler who continues to break the rules and punish opponents. Tracy Richards

Legend Of The Ring: Tracy Richards in her very first promotional photo.

Tracy is still active in the business. Currently, she manages her husband, Redneck Bubba Kirk.

Fellow G.L.O.R.Y. Legend Of The Ring and long time Richards' tag partner--Beverly Shade--helps Tracy with her ring robe.

Tracy waits patiently in her corner for Beverly Shade--the other half of the 'Arm & Hammer Connection'--to tag her into the match.

Tracy works over Desiree Peterson in a match from 2001. Richards can still break the rules with the best of them!

Tracy Richards circa 1980.

Tracy Richards competes in a power lifting competition in 1984.

Tracy Richards moves in to cause even more bodily harm to a dazed Robin Lane back in 1983.


Tracy Richards' Profile...

  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Weight: 120
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hometown: Columbus, Mississippi (USA)
  • Currently Residing: Greenville, South Carolina (USA)

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  • Career In Ring: 1975-2003 (27 Years)

  • How It Started: My mom, Betty Hunter, and I started going to matches after my dad passed away in 1969. A friend simply asked us to go and we said "Sure, it sounds like fun!" That was it...I was hooked and so was my mom! We traveled all over Mississippi and Alabama to see wrestling shows. All I could think of was getting in that ring myself. Jodie Bass, who was married to wrestler Sam Bass (who unfortunately was killed in a car crash in 1977 with Pepe Lopez and Frank Hester, all of whom I was a fan of back then), got us in touch with Moolah. Jodie herself also wrestled for a short time. I went to Moolah's school for a while, but I wanted to be closer to home for my mom. It had been just Mom and I alone for a few years and we didn't want to be apart. So we started looking for someone closer to train me. We found a referee who would, but that only lasted a few weeks until he left to go to another territory. So we looked again. We weren't going to give up so easily! My sister Ann lived in Tampa, Florida and had learned of a wrestling school for women. We called and before we knew it, we were off to Florida. We had finally found the right place! I went to meet Beverly Shade that next day and to my surprise, Natasha The Hatchet Lady was helping her. We had known each other from back in Mississippi. I'd watched Natasha and Ann Casey beat each other up many times over the years! I got started the very next night...I remember that it was a Friday. I also remember waking up the next morning and I couldn't get out of bed. I was sore from my head to my toes and my mom and sister had to work hard to get me out of bed! All weekend I stretched and walked to get the soreness out. By Monday I was feeling better and ready to get back to training. I learned fast...I guess I was a natural. I had my first match in Florida in 1975. Bev and Tasha were tough, but I was tough too. In 1976 we moved back to Mississippi and then to Alabama--where Bev had moved. We wrestled in NWA out of Nashville, TN for Nick Gulas. He was one of the biggest promoters back then. My career was was off and running! I had a lot of help along the way. A lot of the gals and guys gave me valuable advice and I will always be thankful for their help and their encouragement. Thanks always to Beverly and Natasha for really breaking me into the business.
  • Gimmick: I tried a lot of them, but the one that was the best was when I teamed with Beverly Shade to form "The Arm & Hammer Connection". Our motto was kick butt and take names later!
  • Wrestling Style: I was a super/power heel. I used to be a competitive power lifter and threw those girls around like they were nothing. If you can dead lift 360 lbs., you can toss most girls around pretty much as you please. I had baby faced at first...but that just wasn't me. So I went heel. The more people hated me, the more I liked it!
  • Gear/Outfit/Costume: Regular, one-piece bathing suits and moccasins. Then in 1983 when A&H came along, it was matching everything. Now, managing my husband Redneck Bubba Kirk (or when I get in the ring for an occasional match myself), I wear blue jeans and a tee-shirt...all the better to kick butt in.
  • Titles Held: Mississippi State Champ; US Women's Tag Title and Women's World Tag Title with Beverly Shade.
  • Biggest Win: Anybody that I beat--and I beat a lot--I considered a big win.
  • Worst Loss: Losing to Beverly and Natasha for the tag titles. You always want to beat the ones who trained you...that's the best. But they got the better of me that time.
  • Favorite Type of Match: I enjoyed singles matches, but tags really were my favorites.
  • Favorite Moves/Holds: Anything I could use to beat an opponent was my favorite!
  • Finisher: Power bodyslam and reverse bodyslam.
  • Biggest Allies: Beverly Shade; Natasha The Hatchet Lady; Moolah; Ann Casey; Judy Martin...the list is long.
  • Toughest Opponents: My teachers, Beverly and Natasha, were always the hardest to battle. They expected a lot out of me. Other toughies were Moolah, Ann Casey, Judy Martin and Susan Green. These women were tough!
  • Career Highlight: The night I wrestled Ann Casey in Memphis, TN for her US Title. I was wrestling my can't beat that! Also, I got to travel to Japan (twice), Trinidad, Africa and Canada. In Africa, I wrestled Naughty Nancy in the semi-finals for the Women's World Title. It was a long hard match and she beat me in the end...but I'll always remember it.
  • What I Liked Most: Being in front of hundreds of fans and having the opportunity to travel all over and see so many places was great.
  • What I Liked Least: Nothing! I love this business. I didn't get into it for the money or fame. I was in it (and still am) just to have the chance to wrestle.

Tracy Richards' Personal Notes...

    I met my husband in Columbia, SC in 1987 when he was training with Moolah. At that same time, I had moved from Florida to start working for her.....We have three children: two boys and a girl.....Outside of wrestling, I'm a veterinary technician. So the fact that we own two cats and a dog shouldn't be surprising!.....I enjoy football and Nascar racing (we are a very sports-oriented family as you can see).....I also workout regularly and enjoy yoga.....I like to spend as much time as I can with my family.....I'm still active (semi-retired) in the business. I manage my husband and sometimes I still get in the ring if the opportunity presents itself. It's hard to give up something you love!.....I still try to get to shows to see old friends. It brings back great memories. Thanks to all who have helped me along the way.

    To my mom, Betty Hunter, who passed away April 12, 2002 after a long illness: She loved this business and went on the road with me a lot. Mom always encouraged me...and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been able to get in the business, much less be as successful as I was. Thanks Mom. You will be greatly missed.

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