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Misery DeSade

She's big, bad and truly evil! Aside from the local cemetery, Misery DeSade's favorite place is the wrestling ring. DeSade often calls upon the powers of The Dark Side to help her in her quest to defeat and destroy any opponent foolish enough to face her. Misery DeSade Misery DeSade's
show schedule.

The evil Misery DeSade.

Misery seems right at home at the local cemetery.

Ms. DeSade embraces the dark side!


Misery DeSade's Profile...

  • Height: 5' 4"
  • Weight: 225
  • Hair: Dark brown w/blonde highlights
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Hometown: Barbourville, Kentucky (USA)

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  • Years In Wrestling: -407 months

  • How It Started: I started as a manager for my best friend who is a wrestler himself.
  • Gimmick: I go by "The Living Dead Girl". I run a gothic gimmick that seems to get over really well with the fans.
  • Wrestling Style: Hardcore.
  • Gear/Outfit/Costume: I have different gear...but it is always black with some red. I also paint my face a pale white with black rings around my eyes (more or less a dead look).
  • Favorite Type of Match: Casket Match.
  • Favorite Moves/Holds: Twist Of Fate.
  • Finisher: Widow's Peak.
  • Biggest Allies: My big brother Riot DeSade; cousin Malacki Manson; and last but not least, my fiance Mark Anthony.
  • Most Hated Enemies: Dark Angel.
  • Favorite Wrestlers: The Undertaker (when he was The Prince Of Darkness); Kane.
  • Wrestling Ambition: I just love the business.

Misery DeSade's Personal Notes...

    My name is Misery Carmicheal DeSade.....I am currently engaged to be married to my fiance Mark Anthony, who is a wrestler himself.....I enjoy listening to Maryln Manson, Rob Zombie, and Korn.....I love to spend my free time with my family. I have a brother named is Riot DeSade and if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be in the biz today. Thanks, bub! I also enjoy spending time with fellow workers. And can't forget, the family snake Dementia.....My favorite color is black.....My favorite songs are The Beautiful People by Maryln Manson, Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie (which is my enterance music) and Make Me Bad by Korn.....My favorite drink is BLOOD and my favorite food is anything that still moves!.....That's it for now. But until next time, Bloody Kisses and Murderous Nightmares to all...and to all an Evil Time!

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Misery DeSade

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