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Laura Phoenix

Laura Phoneix is known by many ThunderZone Wrestling fans as a manager of champions. But this businesswoman also wears a second hat as one of the co-owners of the federation. And even a third hat as the women's booker of the organization! But just in case you still don't think that's enough...this ambitious lady is also considering adding an in-ring career to her resume. It's obvious that Ms. Laura Phoenix wants to do it all in the world of pro wrestling! Laura Phoenix Laura Phoenix's
show schedule.

Businesswoman Laura Phoenix is a co-owner of ThunderZone Wrestling. (Photo: John McEvers)

Laura also manages in TZW, where her men are the proud owners of some valuable gold. (Photo: John McEvers)

Ms. Phoenix leads her men to the ring. (Photo: John McEvers)

Laura Phoenix protects the belts as her men battle in the ring. (Photo: John McEvers)


Laura Phoenix's Profile...

  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Weight: 150
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hometown: Williamsport, Pennsylvania (USA)

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  • Years In Wrestling: -371 months

  • How It Started: I was a WWE wrestling fan for years, but when I moved to Michigan, I found a fed that ran close to where I lived and started attending. Finally, I got up the nerve to talk to one of the managers at a show and I asked her how she got involved. She introduced me to the promoter of Great Lakes Wrestling, Mike Kelly. I soon started helping out NWA-Great, DJing, back stage, etc. Since I was going to a Broadcasting School at that time, I talked Mike into letting me ring announce. Soon I began to ring announce for another promotion, ThunderZone Wrestling, where I also started to train as a manager. Before I knew it, I was managing Steven Blade. Unfortunately, ThunderZone shut down and Steven and I moved back to my hometown. In March of 2004 Steven, Michael Antonio Ice and I decided to open ThunderZone Wrestling on our own. During that time I've been managing both of them in tag team and singles competition. Now in 2006, TZW, LLC is an offical business in the state of Michigan. I'm the women's booker for TZW as well as co-owner with Steven.
  • Gimmick: Laura Phoenix is a businesswoman who will wheel and deal to get her men ahead of the game.
  • Gear/Outfit/Costume: I love to wear business suits, though I also have some leather stuff as well. It depends on the mood I want to portray. Iíve also been known to go with just jeans, halter or tank top and leather jacket.
  • Manager Of: Steven Blade.
  • Biggest Allies: Jade Chung; Dustie Diamond; Steven Blade.
  • Career Highlight: My favorite career highlight would be working Brawl for Braxton 2004. Although it was only the rumble part of the show, being a part of that show to remember Jeff was the greatest feeling in the world. My next favorite was my first outside show for TCCW in September of 2004. It was a big crowd to work in front of.
  • Favorite Wrestlers: Shawn Michaels was my biggest influence growing up. I think it was the way he presented himself with the crowd. I also love to watch Chris Jericho, Shane Helms and Shane Douglas.
  • Wrestling Ambition: I would love to make it to WWE or TNA, but I'm happy just being able to be a part of the indies right now. I would also love to start wrestling eventually. I feel as a manager I'm limited.

Laura Phoenix's Personal Notes...

    I love to watch TV and listen to the radio. Being a media buff, I always have my eyes and ears on something. I also love to read.....Music-wise, the only things I don't listen to are incredibly hard rock, rap and techno.....I was in choir and orchestra in high school, so I love to listen to classical music and Broadway/movie musicals. I also enjoy 80's and 90's rock (Bon Jovi!) and country.....As for sports, I love pro and college football and basketball (GO PITT!), hockey (GO WINGS!), baseball and basketball. I'm an avid watcher of ESPN, ESPN2 ESPN-NEWS and, of course, WWE and NWA-TNA.....Despite my character, I'm a very friendly person. I'm very laid back and take things one day at a time.....I also have a better-half and a baby girl.

Laura is a co-owner of...
ThunderZone Wrestling

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