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Lady Draven

Weapons, barbwire, chains...they're the everyday tools of the trade for Texas wrestler Lady Draven. This hardcore battler does and uses whatever she can to collect victories for herself and the men she manages. If there's a brawl taking place anywhere within shouting distance, you can bet that Lady Draven is somehow involved...and you can be sure that it's her opponent who's doing the shouting! Lady Draven Lady Draven's
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Lady Draven!

Lady Draven has actually participated in a brutal Texas barbwire match!

This is one hardcore lady...and you don't want to meet up with her in a dark alley.

Lady Draven takes a beating as she's hung upside down in the corner during a mixed hardcore battle.


Lady Draven's Profile...

  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Weight: 145
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hometown: Rising Star, Texas (USA)

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  • Years In Wrestling: -354 months

  • How It Started: Well, me and my then boyfriend (and now close companion) Scott Phoenix, used to go to the Sportatorium every Friday night to watch wrestling. Although I have always been a fan of wrestling, Scott taught me all the little stuff that I had been missing. The defining moment for me, though, was seeing Miss Texas (now Jacqueline) as the first female in the PWI 500. That's when I knew I wanted to be a wrestler.
  • Gimmick: As a wrestler, I'm simply the toughest bitch in Texas. As a manager, I'm more of a "weapons supplier".
  • Wrestling Style: Texas strong style.
  • Gear/Outfit/Costume: Black skirt, leather vest, nightstick, black beret, beer in hand, chain hidden where the ref can't find it.
  • Titles Held: TNW Women's Title.
  • Biggest Win: Hmmm...I don't know about my biggest win, but my funnest win would be pinning Craig Jerikho after kicking his ass all over the ring. Guess that will teach him to run his mouth.
  • Worst Loss: My worst loss was not in an actual match, but when Texas lost the world-famous Sportatorium. From childhood I had always dreamed of wrestling there, and now that chance is forever gone.
  • Favorite Type of Match: Hardcore, battle toyals, singles, tags...pretty much anything, as long as I get to whoop some ass!
  • Favorite Moves/Holds: I love power moves.
  • Finisher: Samoan Drop; Chokeslam.
  • Biggest Allies: Scott Phoenix; Drunk Adam.
  • Most Hated Enemies: Khris Germany; Bullman Downs; Hugh Rogue.
  • Career Highlight: Challenging for the XCW Championship Title at BattleBox 5. This was the barbwire match against XCW Ironman Champ and TV Champ Scott Phoenix, Drunk Adam, former NWA Tag Champ Kit Carson and Hugh Rogue. During this brutal match involving barb wire and thumbtacks, I finally proved that a woman can go toe-to-toe with any man, in any kind of situation. Although Kit Carson won the match, I was finally reunited with my former partners, Scott Phoenix and Drunk Adam.
  • Favorite Wrestlers: Owen Hart; Mick Foley; "Hardcore Kingpin" Scott Phoenix.
  • Wrestling Ambition: Japan, Japan, Japan!

Lady Draven's Personal Notes...

    When I'm out of the ring, I like to spend time watching wrestling tapes, especially old school WWF. Sometimes if I stay still long enough the cat will climb up on my lap and watch tapes with me. Then she gets it into her head to jump off the couch and wrestle me! She usually begins by attacking my toes, but a little food takes her mind off my wriggling feet!.....At other times, I like to troll around the thrift stores and garage sales looking for new weapons. It's amazing what you can find (and later completely destroy) for 25 cents or less! If pickins are slim there, sometimes you can find great stuff at gun shows (like my nightstick). Hey, I'm a weapons's my job to know this stuff!.....I also enjoy knitting. But don't tell anyone.

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