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Jordyn James

Looking at cute little Jordyn James, it may be hard to believe that this 4' 11" teen is a pro wrestler. But when she steps through the ropes, all that "cute and innocent" is replaced by "tough and street smart". James is proving to fans that she can easily hold her own in the ring. Jordyn may be small in stature, but she more than makes up for it with lots of heart and determination. Look for big things from little Jordyn James! Jordyn James Jordyn James'
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IWF rookie Jordyn James!

Jordyn may be small in stature, but she's plenty strong: weight lifting is one of Jordyn's hobbies!

A cute smile from beautiful but tough Jordyn James.


Jordyn James' Profile...

  • Height: 4' 11"
  • Weight: 105
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Hometown: Freehold, New Jersey (USA)

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  • Years In Wrestling: -416 months

  • How It Started: I was on vacation and bored...just flipping through channels...until I got to TNN. My friend was a fan of RAW, which happened to be on, so I wanted to see why she was so interested in it. I was hooked instantly! It looked like so much fun. After a couple weeks of watching it, I decided that wrestling was what I want to do. It had all the elements of athleticism and performing I've always wanted to be involved in, so I went on the internet and searched for a wrestling school. That's where I found the IWF. It's perfect and it's been the best and most important thing in my life ever since!
  • Gimmick: Sweet and innocent on the outside, but tough and street smart on the inside.
  • Wrestling Style: High-Flyer; Technical.
  • Worst Loss: Losing the IWF Ladies Battle Royal after getting a DDT from Shayla.
  • Favorite Type of Match: Battle Royal; Mixed Tag-Team; Catfight.
  • Favorite Moves/Holds: Leg scissors.
  • Biggest Allies: Jana; Carrie.
  • Most Hated Enemies: Shayla.
  • Favorite Wrestlers: First, the Fabulous Moolah. She's done it all and she's the Queen of Wrestling. She held the WWF Women's Title for 28 years! She fought the arena's rule in Madison Square Garden that prohibited women from wrestling there and was able to perform there. She brought women into wrestling. Second, Lita because she brought a new style to wrestling with her unorthodox wild, high-flying, punk rock image.
  • Wrestling Ambition: I want to be the Women's Champion of the WWE! I want the experience of traveling, meeting new people and wrestling in different countries. And I'll do whatever it takes!

Jordyn James' Personal Notes...

    Some hobbies: wrestling, lacrosse and weight lifting.....Other interests: Sports. Any kind of sport! Wrestling, hockey, football, basketball--I love sports!..... I'm also into extreme sports: snowboarding or just anything daring!.....Outside Ambitions: As a fallback plan, I intend to either major in business to eventually start my own bar/nightclub, or major in physical fitness and nutrition and become a personal trainer.....Favorite colors: green, silver, red, blue (but not together!).....Music: Metallica, American Hi-Fi, Greenday, Pantera, Led Zepplin, The Goo Goo Dolls, Puddle of Mudd, Papa Roach, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Saliva, Incubus, Nelly, DMX, Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters, Cold, Sum 41, Usher, Ashlee Simpson and Mya. Quite a variety, huh?!.....I also have a few pets: two dogs, one fish, and three birds!

Jordyn wrestles for...
IWF Wrestling

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