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Erotica D'Vine

After a short hiatus from the wrestling wars, Erotica D'Vine is back and terrorizing opponents in the Mid-Atlantic region. Claiming to be "every man's fantasy", this sexy and seductive manager uses everything in her power to bring her men to...ummm...victory. Ms. D'Vine certainly commands attention whenever she comes to ringside in her tight black outfits and tall leather boots. Oh, did we forget to mention the cat's tail whip that she also keeps close at hand?! When she wants to personally settle a score, Erotica has no problem with jumping out of her manager role and into the ring to compete. Catch Erotica D'Vine in action if you can. And if you can't? Well, you can always just fantasize about her... Erotica D'Vine Erotica D'Vine's
show schedule.

Ms. D'Vine hails from Erotic City.

Erotica D'Vine knows what men want and what men need...DISCIPLINE!

New Sensation Scotty Blaze and his manager II Damn Fine Erotica D'Vine.


Erotica D'Vine's Profile...

  • Height: 5' 0"
  • Weight: It's not polite to ask!
  • Hair: Brownish blonde.
  • Eyes: Beautiful Brown.
  • Hometown: Erotic City (Every man's fantasy!)

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  • Years In Wrestling: -325 months

  • Gimmick: Heel valet/manager and sometimes wrestler.
  • Gear/Outfit/Costume: Tall, black leather boots and anything tight, black and SEXY! Oh yes...and I carry a can of air freshener with me at all times. :)
  • Manager Of: For NWA Virginia I manage NU Egypt, "The Heatmizer" Scotty Blaze and the "FAB 5". I also freelance.
  • Have Managed: The West Virginia Wrecking Crew (Scott McComas & Danny Ray) in APW; Southern Wrecking Crew (Eclipso, Freddie Rich, Ken Steel and Big Block); Greg "The Hammer" Valentine; Johnny Blast and Col. Spud Wade.
  • Biggest Allies: Only those I manage get the chance to call me their ally!
  • Most Hated Enemies: Tornado Tammy of ACW...and any other lady that thinks she is more beautiful than "The EROTIC One". I also hate any male wrestler that has the unfortunate pleasure of going against any of MY guys.
  • Career Highlight: Being able to capture the ACW TV Title on two different occasions. And also having the pleasure of being on a show with Mick Foley in his MANKIND days. What a really down to earth guy behind the scenes.
  • Favorite Wrestlers: Shawn Michaels! Ohhhh...just thinking about him...yummy! Seriously, I am a huge HBK mark from way back. Ring skills, charisma, mic skills...he has it ALL. And not hard on the eyes either!
  • Wrestling Ambition: Would love one day to make it to the BIG 2...oh yea, guess it's the BIG 1 now! But just having fun doing what I'm doing.

Erotica D'Vine's Personal Notes...

    My favorite thing in the world is being a mother to my boy and being a wife to my wrestler husband. Can you guess who he is?.....Trained at Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant's school in 1996.....I have traveled all over North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, as well as also doing some work in Tennessee.....I took a couple of years off, but now I am back and I am looking forward to expanding my horizons even more than before.....I love hearing from everyone! You can email me at:

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