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PGWA Press Release

April 13, 2005 (1:30pm): Pippa L'Vinn to Face Nikki Roxx in England

April 12, 2005

North Carolina -The offices of the Professional Girl Wrestling Association have announced that PGWA Commissioner Penny Banner has sanctioned a championship title match between the champion, Pippa L'Vinn, and challenger Nikki Roxx. The match will be held in Manchester, England on Saturday, April the 23rd.

L'Vinn, a native of Manchester, has been the PGWA Champion since November of 2002, when she defeated Leilani Kai for the belt. Although Pippa has defended the title on several occasions in the United States since then, most of her matches have been in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, a situation which has led to growing discontent among many American wrestlers who feel it is unfair that they would have to travel across the Atlantic at their own expense in order to get a title shot.

The match will be held at a live event being called "ST. GEORGE'S DAYmes," an all-women's card being promoted by L'Vinn herself, which will feature both professional wrestling and amateur grappling. Other pro wrestlers announced for the show include Shelby Beach, Jodie Lee, and Riptide, who is herself a former PGWA Champion.

When approached by the PGWA as to the possibility of an American wrestler being brought over by the organization to face L'Vinn for the title, the champ surprised one and all with a tirade about the supposed failings of the ladies from the U.S.: "I sincerely doubt you could find any woman in America who could give me a worthy bout. There are a very few...Kai, [Lexie] Fyfe, [Christie] Ricci…who are better than the average Yank, but I've already beaten them all, and I see no reason why I should have to repeat myself."

Suffice to say, L'Vinn's remarks caused an immediate firestorm within the women's wrestling community. The PGWA was contacted by a number of noteworthy ladies, all of whom requested a match against Pippa to 'avenge' this slight to their honor.

However, one woman did not phone the PGWA; instead, she called her travel agent instead and booked a flight to Manchester. Only then did she inform the PGWA that she intended to look Pippa L'Vinn directly in the eye and challenge her. This wrestler hoped that Commissioner Banner would sanction the match and make it for the belt, but even if she didn't, the woman in question said she intended to fight...and to beat...L'Vinn.

That woman is Nikki Roxx. The New England native is a rising figure in the sport, particularly in the Northeastern United States. But it is in Mexico where she is a bona fide star. Currently serving as the Lucha Libre Femenil Juvenile Champion, Nikki's returns to Mexico are greeted with the sort of adulation usually reserved for movie stars, and her matches and public appearances there are covered enthusiastically by the Mexican mainstream press. She is known universally among the fans simply as, "La Gringa."

In her message to the PGWA, Roxx stated, "It's time that the PGWA had a fighting champ again, someone like Susan Green or Leilani Kai, who weren't afraid to put the belt on the line against anyone, anytime. So, in that spirit, I intend to go to Manchester, England on the 23rd to challenge Pippa L'Vinn for the PGWA title."

Luckily for Nikki, the Commissioner has sanctioned the match...over the protests of Ms L'Vinn...and the encounter will have the PGWA crown on the line.

The PGWA will release further information as it becomes available. For more details, please contact

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Susan Green 1992-1998

Judy Martin 1998

Susan Green 1998-2000

Riptide 2000-2001

Lexie Fyfe 2001-2002

Leilani Kai 2002

Pippa L'Vinn 2002-Present

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Source: PGWA

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