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Valentina vs. Erica Porter Results

May 2, 2004 (3:03pm): The following was posted by Phhhl on the G.L.O.R.Y. Message Board:

May 2, 2004 - Full Results From "Ramifications" -At last night's UPW event, Ramifications, Erica defeated Valentina to retain her UPW Women's Title. Our good friend Tim Bohannon was at ringside and logs this report:
I headed off for the wrestling show early because it was at a venue I had never been to before. It was being held in the Torrance Ken Miller Community Center complex. Gates were supposed to open at 6:30PM so I got there at 6:15PM. They were still putting the ring together at this time. I saw alot of guys wearing suits and the women were really dressed up. I was wearing my Santa Anita Race Track tee shirt and black dress jeans. I thought I was going to be under-dressed until I found out there was a wedding being held there at the same time (different building however).

The gates finally opened up at 7:40PM and I got a very good ringside seat. On my left was Skulus Samoan Home Team. They come to see all the shows and create a lot of Fun in the crowd. On my right was my friend and Erica fan, Kimphuong Truong. She has met and talked to Erica before about wrestling but she still needs more coaxing to get into it. We were Ready to see the Show.

The Erica Porter versus Valentina match was the 3rd Match from the last. The big Womens Title match was anounced so out comes the camera and we are ready to go. Valentina came out first and got a Big Pop. She ran around the ring giving everyone high fives (Fan Favorite). Erica was then announced and came out with the Big Schwagg. She walked around the ring in similiar fashion but instead of high fives it was stick the belt in your Face in an arrogant way. The Samoan crew told Big Schwagg (who also hosts the tv show Monster Garage) "Go Back To Your Garage You Monster!!!" Erica looked good and was wearing a new costume.

Anyway the match started pretty even. Erica soon got the upper hand and made several pin attempts on Valentina. Valentina came back however. Big Schwagg climbed up on the ring apron to give Valentina some lip and Valentina slapped him. Just as Valentina started to get the upper hand, Big Schwagg climbed up on the ring apron to run some interferance. He got Valentina's attention and she came over to slap him again. As she did that, Big Schwagg planted a big kiss on her. This stunned her and allowed Erica to roll her up from behind and get the Pin.

Erica retains her Championship Belt!!!

There was a lot of heat surrounding this matchup last week, especially on the Glory Wrestling board, where it seems a certain percentage of fans viewed this as a day of reckoning for the champ. Valentina does have a large fanbase, and for good reason. She is beautiful, talented and much more committed to working legitimate wrestling matches than some of the other women on the west coast. Some rumblings have been made recently about the help Erica is getting from Schwagg in recent victories over Ivory, Desire and, now, Valentina. But, don't buy into this nonsense. Schwagg is a camera hound, and he's just trying to bask in the light of the highest ranking officer in his army. The fact of the matter is that Erica Porter has had every single one of her singles matches in UPW under control from start to finish, and the shenanigans of Schwagg have had absolutely no bearing on the outcome of any victory on her unblemished record. Props to Valentina for what was a good effort, but it's going to take a little more time in the gym to make a serious run at the most prestigious women's title in the Western United States. A re-match is certainly not out of the question, but nothing happened Saturday to suggest a different result.

No word on whether any video of this match will be released by UPW, but Valentina did mention that she will attempt to have it posted on her excellent website soon. Of course, Tim was in the audience with a great seat, and promises 7-10 good pictures from the action for future posting. It is believed UPW photographers were on hand as well.

This week's Picture of the Week shows Erica in elementary school.

Source: Phhhl

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