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PGWA Announces 2003 Rookie of the Year

January 14, 2004 (4:17pm): Charlotte, North Carolina-The Professional Girl Wrestling Association has announced the selection of the 2003 Rookie Of The Year. Austin, Texas wrestler Venus has been selected for this honor.

This was not an easy decision for the PGWA, given the caliber of new talent which entered Professional Wrestling over the course of the last year. A number of factors went into Venus's ultimate selection, beyond a simple Win/Loss record.

"Her ability is there to do great things in wrestling. She certainly shows much potential in her matches," a spokesman for the PGWA reports. "Watching her in action, you really get the feeling that you're seeing someone who is going to go very far in this sport someday." The consensus is that with a bit more training and ring experience, Venus will be able to hold her own against almost anyone in wrestling today.

In a way, by receiving this accolade, Venus is representing all newcomers to the sport. Venus is just one of many dedicated young wrestlers who only need more opportunities to step into the ring to prove what they can do. As the 2003 Rookie of the Year, it is hoped that Venus will be able to help open some doors both for herself as well as for many of her rookie peers.

Former two time PGWA Champion Susan Green, a legendary veteran of the sport, has invited Venus to attend her South Carolina school for some advanced training this spring, which will undoubtedly make a positive difference for the newcomer. Such an invitation is as rare as it is prestigious, and Green extended it after seeing Venus wrestle in person at a recent PGWA live card. "I see lots of desire in Venus with what I saw in Nashville at the 'Wildcats' event. Having the opportunity to sit down with her afterwards, I could only say that I see good things in her efforts."

The Texas native hopes to come East for a while to develop those skills a bit better, both at Sue Green's camp, as well as with several other trainers, if possible.

She has a great attitude and is eager to wrestle. Her size is an advantage and she enjoys the classic "Old School" style of wrestling. Sue Green wasn't the only person whom Venus impressed at Nashville; her opponent that night, Candi Divine, walked away from the ring with a healthy respect for the newcomer. And the PGWA Commissioner, Penny Banner, and her guest for the evening, Rita Cortez...two of the most famous names of the "Golden Age" of Women's Wrestling...were likewise impressed by Venus.

She began her career in late 2002 at the age of 21. Somewhat surprisingly considering her obvious enthusiasm, she was not a fan of the sport growing up, coming to wrestling rather late and in a most unusual way: Venus was a full-time college student supporting herself as a cocktail waitress, and who impressed a local wrestler enough for him to ask her to be his valet, where she made an immediate impact on the fans. But he left the sport soon thereafter, leaving the brunette with a dilemma as to what her future should be. She decided to forge ahead on her own, and not merely as a valet, but in the thick of the action as a full-fledged wrestler herself! Asked what attracted her to wrestling, she says, "The athleticism, the creativeness, and the talent and skills that you have to develop to be successful. It requires a total package and complete commitment. I love that I am constantly challenged and that I learn something from every match, every practice, every opponent."

She has definitely not been playing it overly safe since her ring debut. "I've chipped a tooth, gotten nose bleeds, injured my hand, and had a busted lip, but for the most part I know how to protect myself and manage to keep myself from getting too abused." She definitely credits George de la Isla, her trainer, and Russell "Psycho" Simpson, her motivater, for keeping her focused on her training and mindful of staying safe in the ring.

The PGWA feels that Venus will go far in Professional Wrestling, and that she will proudly uphold the classic traditions of the sport for years to come. For these and other equally important reasons, the Professional Girl Wrestling Association is proud to name Venus as the 2003 Rookie of the Year!

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