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G.L.O.R.Y. Photographers Gallery

This section of G.L.O.R.Y. is devoted to the all-to-often overlooked members of our wrestling community: the photographers. The fearless men and women who get down there at ringside--aiming, focusing and dodging the flying wrestlers--to record all the action for the fans who are unable to attend the matches in person. See the results of their efforts here on G.L.O.R.Y. in this ever-changing section. Visit often...the Photographers Gallery pictures will be displayed for a short time and then "retired" when new material is added. Catch all the great G.L.O.R.Y Girl action captured by these talented photographers while you can!

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Roberto Acosta

Roberto Acosta Photography

Covering the women's wrestling scene from Monterrey, Mexico, Roberto "El Solitario" Acosta has been snapping the ring action of the Mexican G.L.O.R.Y. well as the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls who travel to Monterrey to compete in the country's most-popular women's wrestling league, Lucha Libre Femenil.

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(Pictures last added: March 7, 2006)

Marvin Brewer

Marvin Brewer Photography

When a wrestling injury took him out of ring action, Marvin Brewer remained involved in the business by turning his attention to wrestling photography. Marvin has photographed action for many of the country's most-popular wrestling organizations, but he now calls the Midwest wrestling scene "home".

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(Pictures last added: January 31, 2004)

Ken Cantrell

Ken Cantrell Photography

Ken Cantrell has been traveling all over Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia for two decades capturing some of the hottest indy ladies on film. Ken's photography has been featured in New Wave Wrestling Magazine and Wrestling Toxic. He's currently working with Nationwide Championship Wrestling and Lady Sports.

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(Pictures last added: October 13, 2002)

Danielle D'Adamo

Danielle D'Adamo Photography

Danielle D'Adamo is the ringside photographer for Jersey All Pro Wrestling, as well as a freelance photographer snapping the action for many other East Coast indy feds. "The Suicidal Photographer" can be seen ringside in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania arenas.

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(Pictures last added: January 31, 2004)

Chris Hoddinott

Chris Hoddinott Photography

A wrestling fan since the age of ten, Chris has been working primarily for Toronto's Apocalypse Wrestling Federation. He's had the opportunity to photograph numerous G.L.O.R.Y. Girls for the AWF. Phoenix, Tracy Brooks, Felina (now WWE's Gail Kim), Macaela Mercedes and Violet Flame have been subjects of Chris' camera.

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(Pictures last added: January 31, 2004)

Harold Kosteck

Harold Kosteck Photography

Harold travels across the country to capture the best women's indy wrestling action he can find...and that usually means he'll be focusing in on the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls! "The Photographer Your Mother Warned You About" can be found at ringsides from the Mid-West to the East Coast.

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(Pictures last added: August 8, 2006)

Jill McKee

Jill McKee Photography

Jill travels across the Midwest and Great Lakes regions to capture all the action from ringside. Lacey, Rain and ODB are just some of the many subjects of Jill's photos.

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(Pictures last added: January 31, 2004)

Robert Payes

Robert Payes Photography

Robert Payes--the man behind Stiff Shots Wrestling Photography--is a mainstay at ringsides across New Jersey, New York and neighboring states. Robert specializes in both action and backstage promo photography.

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(Pictures last added: September 27, 2006)

Craig Prendergast

Craig Prendergast Photography

Craig's photographic work has been featured in Pro Wrestling Illustrated as well as New Wave Wrestling magazine, and he is a regular fixture on the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast wrestling circuit.

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(Pictures last added: December 4, 2002)

Eric Shaffer

Eric Shaffer Photography

Eric Shaffer captures tons of great wrestling action from the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Maryland indy scenes. With Eric becoming well-known to many of the ladies on G.L.O.R.Y., he has access to get pictures that others can only dream about!

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(Pictures last added: July 28, 2003)

The Fans

The Fans Photography

Where would the wrestling business be without the fans?! This section showcases photos of the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls as seen through the lenses of fan cameras. Plenty of action pictures, posed shots and photos of fans with their favorite G.L.O.R.Y. personalities. Everyone is invited to participate!

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(Pictures last added: February 13, 2006)