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Awesome Kong: Mean...just plain MEAN!

Wrestlin' Wally caught Awesome Kong in mid-flight as she leaped off the SHIMMER ring ropes last weekend on her way to squashing yet another opponent standing between herself and victory. Definitely a frightening sight for the poor lady who was on her back waiting for this powerful woman to splatter her to the four corners of the ring. But that's not the "MEAN" that we're referring to in today's POD title.

What's really mean is what Kong did at a show yesterday to some poor little kid who was just minding his own business. This little fella was riding his mini-Big Wheel around the arena floor after the show broke up (Picture #2). Just minding his own business. Not bothering anybody. Well, before you could say "Grand Theft Auto", this tiny dude was crying his eyes out (#3). Who could have changed him from wheelin' around and having fun one minute, to a whimpering little guy in just a few seconds?

Kong...that's who! Just look at what she did (#4). She jacked this poor lil' kid for his wheels! And if that wasn't enough, she rode his trike around the arena floor just to torment him. What makes it even nastier is that there were other Big Wheels there that Kong could have ridden. See them sitting in the background of the last picture? But nooooo...Kong had to have this little guy's ride. So she just took it!

That's just mean, Kong. Mean, mean, mean!

Wrestlin' Wally

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