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What We Didn't See Last Night

Okay...who watched the TNA New Year's Knockouts Eve on Spike? What did you think?

Maybe it's just me, but I was disappointed with the show. Notice that I said I was disappointed with the show...not the ladies who participated. I mean, here was TNA promoting this as a Knockouts event for the past week. And what did we get? For every 15 minutes of the girls in action we got 45 minutes of previously broadcast men's matches. I kinda feel gypped. Listen...I wouldn't have minded if they showed highlights of the best men's matches from 2009. I don't even begrudge them promoting Hulk Hogan three times per hour. But they had a four hour block of TV time with less than an hour and a half devoted to the Knockouts. Come on now, TNA. It was supposed to be Knockouts Eve. So why did we get only five minutes of April Hunter and Lorelei Lee vs. Shantelle Taylor and Sarita? The three girls matches that started the show didn't even get us to the half hour mark...then over a half hour was taken up with a Kurt Angle match? How many times did we have to see A.J. Styles jumping off the turnbuckles for each minute of Knockout action? You didn't even show us the Amber O'Neal vs. Lizzy Valentine match that we're featuring in today's POD. Not even highlights of it!

Hey, I understand you want to promote the guys...but why do you have to do it at the expense of the girls? Here's an idea for next year: how about breaking up the broadcast into two separate shows? An hour or two of Knockouts and only Knockouts, followed by whatever guys matches you want to re-broadcast.

Am I way off-base here? What do you guys think? Whether you agree or disagree, feel free to hop over to the G.L.O.R.Y. Message Board and post your thoughts.

Now that I've got that off my chest...

We'll get back to today's POD, which highlights some of the action from the match that TNA didn't show us last night. In an all-G.L.O.R.Y. Girl match, it was Amber O'Neal facing Valentina (a.k.a. Lizzy Valentine). Both ladies not only looked great entering the ring, but the action looked to be pretty intense also. Good job, ladies. We just wish we could have seen your match on last night's broadcast!

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