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A Worried Miss Michelle

Miss Michelle was ringside this past weekend as she rooted on her man during action for National Wrestling Superstars in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. But it looks like things weren't going too well in the ring for Michelle's guy at this point in the match. We've rarely seen the gorgeous G.L.O.R.Y. Girl looking this worried while gazing through the ring ropes.

Robert Payes/Stiffshots

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Taking Things Into Her Own Hands

Rather than just worry, Miss Michelle decided to take action...and illegal action, at that! Turns out that the G.L.O.R.Y. Girl is as nasty as she is beautiful. Take a look as she helps her man out by viciously choking his opponent over the middle ring rope.

Robert Payes/Stiffshots

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Michelle And Julio Dinero

When it comes down to it, Miss Michelle will do anything for her wrestler-husband, Julio Dinero. Even when he's yapping into the microphone while trying to drown out the boos of the fans, Michelle proudly stands by her man...smiling and looking pretty during introductions, then interjecting herself into the match once the battle starts!

Robert Payes/Stiffshots

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